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Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon Review

I’ve been to the mocies twice in the past two weeks. This hasn’t happened in YEARS seriously. The moviegoing experience sucks these days in my opinion. However you aren’t reading this to see me bitch about that. I will say that because I’m fully engrossed in the Transformers fandom and I report on TF news I am sooo glad there were no real frills with the promotion of TF3 coming out. There was no misinformation campaign, nothing cheesy or anything. I will say that after all the teaser trailers and then the theatrical trailer aired on TV I was ready for this movie. I was excited for it, until they beat you over the fucking head with the incessant 15 second TV Spots. But I digress so let’s transform and rollout to my thoughts on Dark Of The Moon!

Before I get ahead of myself here I feel the need to let you the reader know what my experience with the live action Transformers films has been. It is the year 2007…. ok enough with the G1 jokes! Anyways I remember hearing about the live action Transformers adventure probably late 2006. I wasn’t back into the fandom at this point. my first three thoughts were Peter Cullen HELL YEAH, Shia LaBeouf wtf is louis stevens doing here, the final thought was Michael Bay… really? The reason why that final thought happened was because once I’d heard more about TF1 I’ds heard that Steven Spielberg was a fan of Transformers, but Bay was not. Bay wanted to make the film whatever way he was going to the fans be damned. TF1 has the basic story a boy and his car and the film is ok I liked it for the most part. I couldn’t stand Agent Simmons though.

So in 2008 I went full force back into the Transformers fandom, when TF2 was announced and all that and I finally saw it I felt it was good for what it was. Keep in mind I felt this way the first time I saw the film opening day in theaters. After multiple subsequent viewing of ROTF I see just what a POS the film is. MEGATRON DOES NOT NEED A MASTER!!!!

OK you aren’t here for ROTF bashing….. so DOTM as I said before I was cautiously optimistic with this one. There was no skids and mudflap, Megan Fox no matter how hot she is will most likely end up in Playboy or the porn industry, and DOTM featured a much more serious Agent Simmons. Sam Whitwicky is still a giant fuckin douchebag though. At least in the beginning he is I guess he has to be a douche in the beginning of every film then get character development throughout.

I do like how they tied the US Space race into a transformers story, the way they combined scenes of the past presidents was very well done. I am so glad when we first see Sam the scene with him, Carly, and the bunny I’m glad that was VERY SHORT! They seem to have actual writers working with this script. Thank god there is more robot battles then human battles, I mean they did that in ROTF, but there is 20 times more Robots in action here. There are a few cheesy lines here and there but nothing like the previous film, and the “sidekicks” of Wheelie and Brains were actually done well. I love seeing Shockwave on the big screen it was soo freakin awesome. I still wish David Warner would have done the voice, but Frank Welker the voice GOD did a great job. I’m trying my damnedest not to spoil this film (WHICH IS HARD FOR ME BECAUSE MOST OF YOU KNOW I DON’T CARE IF I SPOIL ANYTHING!) I will say that even though I knew about the twist it still threw me for a loop. I miss Ravage, it’s nice to have another of Soundwave’s minions in LaserBeak, but Ravage was way cooler! Optimus having his trailer was epic fucking epic!!!! At least over the last 4 years or so Michael Bay has come around to some fan wank stuff.

As far as 3-D as I have said before in my theatrical adventures reviews I saw no third dimension! I did enjoy where The Goo Goo Dolls song All That You Are played in the film, and the use of Linkin Park’s Iridescent is better placed then I thought it would have been. I still don’t care for the song though. Please do not let the sour taste in your mouths from ROTF cloud your judgement of TF3 Dark of the Moon is THE BEST Film in the franchise. As far as if I think they need to do another one well Yes and NO! I think at least 3 years needs to pass before we get another Transformers live action film. Dark of the Moon ended very well and it puts a period on this series of Transformers films.

So go out and see Transformers: Dark Of The Moon it is worth the price of adnission.

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  1. Thank God you actually liked this one! You know my opinions about ROTF so we won’t go there. Shia is no where near my fav actor but is also not nearly as bad as you always say he is! I am so glad I stayed away from ALL rumors,trailers,spoilers on this one. I would have been pissed as hell if I knew the twist ahead of time, I don’t know why people are so obssessed with knowing stuff ahead of time, it so ruins things. But

    I digress, I agree with most of what you say. Soundwave and Shockwave were epic, I love Welker’s Soundwave, vocodor or not. And as always Cullen and Nimoy have some of the most impressive voices of a generation. The ‘funny’ parts/lines in this movie were ACTUALLY funny this time which helped. The sidekicks were good, Carly was a major upgrade and Primes trailer was so cool…..hmm maybe I should write my own review haha!

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