TFG1Mike Double Feature Review: Tron & Tron Legacy

TFG1Mike Double Feature Review: Tron & Tron Legacy




So in 1982 Disney released Tron! Twenty eight years later in 2010 they released Tron: Legacy! Most of my geek friends have said I need to turn in my Geek Cred for not having seen the first  Tron film at all. When the sequel Tron: Legacy was released December 17th 2010 I wanted to see the first film before even seeing the second one. I wanted to know about the awesomeness that everyone has said Tron was. I am subscribed to a YouTube channel called DisneyFTW1whomever this person is has almost every Disney film on their channel. I sought out Tron…it was broken up into 7 or 8 videos….I watched from beginning to end and I was blown away. The technology used for this film in 1982 was amazing!!!!! It was a film that captivated me and I was able to watch it all the way through without pausing it or getting up and doing other things as I watched it. The movie is very fluid and keeps you engrossed in it. It has a clear beginning, middle, and end. Most films these days rely upon crappy comedy, or cheesy gimmicks. Tron does none of these things. As far as having my Geek Cred revoked well that shouldn’t happen since watching and loving the original Tron. Besides the film came out when I was two years old damnit. It just wasn’t on my radar at all in my youth or even teen years.


The film centers around hacker Kevin Flynn who is trying to prove that the head of EnCom has stolen his work. He ends up in the digital world, teaming up with Tron a program that fights for the users, and together they must fight the Master Control Program.

I had no idea David Warner was in this film, but I absolutely love him as the villain. One of the other things that most impressed me with this film were the effects on the body suits. The glowy type effects when they were energizing… that was very different and cool looking. The light cycles were epic and awesome all at the same time. Kevin’s Program Clu seems to have been derezzed or killed in this film though. Also when I first saw Tron I was wondering how Tron Legacy would tie in because at the end of the first film Kevin is CEO of EnCom… then the film ends. I really have no issues with this movie at all and it is something I could watch whenever I’m in the mood for a awesome computer/science fiction type film.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Tron: Legacy

As of this writing I’ve just gotten back from the theater and seeing Tron: Legacy…..I’ll be writing another blog post on my theater experience, but I wanna keep this just about the film. It was awesome to put it simply. The continuity issues I thought I was going to have from the first Tron to Legacy I didn’t have. I think if I had one complaint about Tron Legacy it’s that they didn’t really say who Sam’s mom was… they said she died, but never reveal who she is. I thought it would have been really cool if it was Dr. Lora Baines from the first film. There’s one other thing that really isn’t explained how did Clu survive I saw him die or Derez in the first film. Those are my only two gripes about Tron Legacy. I like that they added Edward Dillinger Jr in there as a nod to david Warner’s character, and I kinda liked Jeffery Nordling in the role of Richard Mackey. The only reason why is because i recognized him from when he played Larry Moss in Season 8 of 24.

We all know that the film industry can do almost anything in this day and age. Tron Legacy is no exception to that. If I thought the original film was cutting edge at it’s time Tron Legacy is even more on the cutting edge. If you’ve listened to any of the podcasts here on GCRN you’ll know I watch a lot of the Disney Channel. They’ve been airing a few segments with Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. Olivia Wilde tells one of the young Disney correspondents that Tron Legacy has a breakthrough achievement with it being the first time that electro luminescent lamps had been woven into fabric. So they could actually wear lights in the suits. That is pretty cool I must say!

I think my favorite effect from Legacy is the light cycles. In the original film they were awesome, but now in this they are 10 times more awesome. I’d be very happy if Tron Legacy ended the story. I think that as with the first film this has a clear beginning middle and end. With no real plot holes at all. Well besides the gripes I pointed out. The character of Rinzler was very cool, because it turned out he was Tron. We learn that Clu reprogrammed Tron into Rinzler, but it doesn’t necessarily say when and how that happened.

The music in this film is amazing. I’ve heard of Daft Punk before, but never really heard any of their music. They put together a awesome score for the film. I think my favorite song is Derezzed which is the song that is used in the trailers for Tron Legacy.

There are rumors that Tron 3 might be under way and start a whole new trilogy…. I hope to god this is not true. There are some things that need to just the way they end. I personally don’t see how they can make another Tron film with the characters that have already existed. I like how they ended Legacy and think that it needs to be left alone. I would however love to read the graphic novel A tie-in 128-page graphic novel Tron: Betrayal was released by Disney Press on November 16, 2010.[64] It includes an 11 page retelling of Tron story in addition to a story fitting between the original film and Tron: Legacy.

In the words of Billy Bob “A TEN A FUCKIN TEN!!!!”

Overall Rating: 10/10

Overall and in closing both Tron and Tron Legacy are now in my top favorite films of all time.


With the release of Tron Legacy on April 5th 2011 also comes the rerelease of The Original Tron. I’ve purchased both through iTunes and still think they are amazing! Stay Tuned for a Special Episode of MWIRE  on full coverage of both films.

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  1. I really enjoyed “Legacy” as well, Mike. I gave it a 9.5. I would score it at 10, but I have just one gripe and that was the way they used the character of Tron/Rinzler in the film. They could have had a scene where CLU confronts Rinzler after the Disc War scene, the helmet retracts and you see Tron. I’m just saying the way they did reveal it was Tron was clumsy.

    If only because I am a huge Bruce Boxleitner fanboy (it’s true), I took this half point off. For a movie called “TRON Legacy”, it was criminal that they did not use the guy who portrayed Tron more in this film. Overall, I loved everything about this movie. My favorite nods to the original movie was Sam’s comment as he broke into ENCOM (“Now, that’s a big door.”)and having Cillian Murphy play Dillinger’s son.

    The only, truly bad thing about this movie?? The gorram tie-in video game, “TRON Evolution”!! Oh, how I loathe that game! Why did I rent it? WHYYYYY???

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