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Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol

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I’ve been a fan of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible films since the first one came out. For me they are awesome action blockbusters. A lot of people didn’t care for the second film, but I loved it. So when the Ghost Protocol trailer was initiated I was super excited!

Dun Dun Dun….. There is nothing like experiencing a Mission Impossible film in the theater. I went to see the latest installment December 28, 2011, and loved every minute of it. The basic plot here is that the entire IMF has been disavowed, unless they can catch the guy who wants to start a nuclear war.

Let me say that there was one thing I didn’t like about this one. The fact that Luther is relegated to a cameo appearance. I think Ving Rhames acting skills have been excellent in the previous films, and I missed his humor in this one. I know everyone loves Simon Pegg, and I found him funny when he was supposed to be. However I enjoyed Luther’s character more. Also its a damn shame Ving Rhames is uncredited what the hell!!!???

Now to the praise…  The stunts were amazing! Especially the stuff on the building, I thought for a second that Ethan was going to fall all the way to the bottom. Hell I nearly jumped outta my seat when that happened. The screen scene inside the Kremlin was awesome how they were able to do that. A Mission Impossible movie is all about twists and turns, and this one does not disappoint.

Now to the acting, we all know that when Tom Cruise runs it looks funny as hell. This movie is no exception, however as these films have progressed so has the characterization for Ethan Hunt. Hunt is no longer that confused agent we saw in the first film he has grown into a well rounded leader. Jeremy Renner as the “secret” agent of the team played the role very well I thought. The other films I’ve seen him in like S.W.A.T. , The Town, and Thor he did well in those too. I think that the character of Bryandt added something this time around. Again these films are all about the twists and turns, I think you’ll be surprised what happens with Bryandt. Tom Wilkinson as the secretary was a great performance. That is one thing these films have a knack for. They find amazing actors to be Ethan’s bosses. I barely recognized Michelle Monaghan as julia, and I’m not sure why. It is the same actress that played the character in M:I-III. Palua Patton who plays Jane in this, there has been only one other film that I’ve seen her in. That was 2006’s Deja-Vu. She was very awesome in this, and that dress wow! Overall the acting was superb.

Now to the music, the score is provided by Michael Giacchino whom I’ve loved as a composer. However I think I would have enjoyed the score more if I bought it after seeing the film. I bought the M:I-4 score from iTunes the day before I saw the film. Its great music don’t get me wrong. Howveer I think I need the films scenes for context to enjoy it more.

In closing Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a awesome action film, the directing from BRad Bird was very well done. Plus having J.J. Abrams as producer did not hurt the film. I loved how the film ended, and can’t wait to see M:I-5 … ut oh wouldn’t that be a copyright issue lol. Everyone that is anyone who loves action films deserves to see this.

Plot: 10/10

Action Scenes: 10/10

The Edge Of Your Seat Factor 10/10

This review will self destruct in five seconds.


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  1. I can see giving the action scenes 10/10 but first of all – edge of your seat is redundant with action scenes and NO WAY does the plot get a 10/10. This film is real good but its also getting very overrated by many many people!!

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