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Top Gun IMAX 3-D

Top Gun IMAX 3-D

Everyone should know Top Gun right? The 1986 Tom Cruise Anthony Edwards film, about Maverick, a high flying, living in the Danger Zone pilot. For my 33rd birthday, I went to see this in IMAX 3-D!!! It was sooo freakin awesome!!!! This film has a stellar cast with Kelly McGillis, Michael Ironside, Val Kilmer, Tim Robbins, Tom Skerritt, Meg Ryan, Clarence Gilyard, Jr., James Tolkan and so many more!!! It’s a true star studded cast. I grew up watching this film, and now that it’s back in theaters for a limited time… OH MAN!!!! I never saw Top Gun in theaters before, because well I was 6 when the film was released, but wowzers!!!! An IMAX version of Top Gun HELL YEAH!!!! 

Top Gun IMAX 3-D #4

WOW, that’d be the one word I could sum up the IMAX 3-D Experience of seeing Top Gun in theaters. The 3-D was barely noticeable, as it wasn’t the gimmick type of 3-D. Seeing those aerial battles on the big screen was amazing. All the classic shots in the film, like the inverted MIG, was just so mind blowing!!!! With seeing Top Gun on the big screen, it was like I’d never seen it before. I noticed so many different things, that I hadn’t before watching it at home.

Top Gun IMAX 3-D #2

I’ve seen many love scenes in films, but seeing this on the big screen, and in the high definition detail that it was, I was kinda grossed out seeing Tom Cruise stick his tongue in Kelly McGillis’s mouth. Again just something that wasn’t very noticeable watching it on DVD. However if you put it on a huge IMAX  screen you will most definitely notice. Another thing that was brought to life moreso was Goose’s death, when they are pulling him up out of the water, that was just creepy.

Top Gun Charlie

There are so many great things about this movie though. The acting is top notch, the music, and sound effects are brillaint. With this being the first time I’d seen it on the big screen, WOW the theater sound system was blaring with the jet engine noise, and gunfire. It was so awesome!!!!! Even though the planes and tech are dated, by when the film came out, I still think the aerial battles hold up to today’s standards. Hearing the roar of those jet engines was almost like I was there!!!!!

Final Thoughts:

I’m so happy I was able to see this in it’s limited run, and it was a moviegoing experience I’ll never forget. I’ll say this that even though I LOATHE 3-D, IMAX 3-D is pretty damn good, and doesn’t really effect me like a normal 3-D screen does. I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot more films in IMAX 3-D if they are available. Do yourself a favor go right now, and see Top Gun IMAX 3-D it’s only in theaters through February 13, 2013. The 3-D Blu Ray/DVD Combo comes out February 19, 2013.

Top Gun Theatrical Experience Rating: 10/10

Top Gun IMAX 3-D #3

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