TFG1Mike’s TV Series Talk: Comic Book Men Season 2 Premiere

Comic Book Men

Season 2

On October 14, 2012 Comic Book Men RETURNED!!!!! For those that don’t know CBM is the brainchild of Kevin Smith, nd his friends. It takes the Pawn Stars type format, but is set in the comic store Smith owns. It also slight differs in the Pawn Stars format as it’s a video podcast type arrangement. Where the audio recording is films. I really love this show, and even though I know AMC usually starts their shows out with a small number of episodes, I so wanted more after the Season 1 Finale last year. You can check out Mike The Birdman Dodd and I talking about Season 1 over on TWIG’s Jump The Shark.

However now we have more. In the Season 2 Premiere Ming Chen suggests the Stash holding a live kids birthday party. Ming’s ideas never really pan out, and this was no exception….. the store probably lost money instead of making money on the birthday party. Brian Johnson dressed up as The Comic Book Clown, which was slightly funny. Featured stuff on the show in this episode there were some boxed Mego Super Hero figures, an oversized Darth Vader helmet, and a internet only Legion of Superheroes figure set, that sold out in 20 minutes online. I love seeing these guys working a deal with the customers. It’s very cool, and they often try helping the customer when they won’t buy an item.

I also love listening to the companion podcast The Secret Stash every Sunday after the show, because it gives you more, and it’s very interesting.  You can get the podcast here.

As I said in the TWIG JTS Comic Book Men Season 1 Recap, the one thing I love about Comic Book Men is that I learn about comics! The format is great, and the stuff that comes into The Secret Stash is awesome. You can check out Comic Book Men Season 2 every Sunday after The Walking and Talking Dead on AMC at 11:30pm Eastern time.

Comic Book Men Season 2 Trailer:

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