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TOP 11: Star Trek Films

Chronicles of Steve

Welcome and while I do realize Top 11 is not standard, it makes no sense to do a Top 10 that leaves out one single movie. So tonight I bring you to my Top 11 listing of the Star Trek Films.

I am not going to get into a great deal of details due to us covering all of them on future MWIRE episodes starting at 100. However I will give you a quick one liner on the overall film, my rating and of course what number I rank them based on quality and my opinion.

  1. Star Trek (2009) – Overall a nice fresh concept to reinvigorate the film franchise.
  2. VI: The Undiscovered Country – This was my #1 favorite for story and action since before the 2009 film.
  3. VIII: First Contact – I love the inclusion of the new enterprise, the first warp exp, and the BORG!
  4. VII: Generations – A nice passing of the torch and one last hurrah for Kirk and Enterprise-D.
  5. IV: The Voyage Home – The funniest of the 11, but also set in the 80’s so another plus.
  6.  II: The Wrath of Kahn – The most serious of the films and harkens back to Space Seed. Oh and KAAHHHHNNNNN!
  7. III: The Search For Spock – The revival of Spock is here as well as the destruction of the first Enterprise occurs.
  8. IX: Insurrection – Not bad but does have bad humor and feels a bit reused from TNG and TOS.
  9. X: Nemesis – Decline with all the cast leaving and the death of Data. Did I mention clones, android B4 and Remans?!
  10. The Motion Picture – The weirdest and overall not bad but just not one of my favorites.
  11. V: The Final Frontier – I like it for the scenes in the Park and bridge of Enterprise-A but overall very forgettable.

That’s all I have for my quick top 11 reviews of the Trek Films.

This is Steve “Megatron” Phillips and you’re not, saying good night and good luck.

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