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Jeff Dunham:

Minding The Monsters

Jeff Dunham, I found him on YouTube a few years ago. Then I saw his first special Arguing With Myself. Since then I’ve become a huge fan of his work. I’ve seen everything he does, and I even got to see him LIVE in 2008!!!!!!!

This will be a combination review, I saw the special when it aired on Comedy Central, but I have not bought the DVD yet. I did buy the mp3 album from iTunes though. You can get The Explicit Jeff Dunham Minding the Monsters here.

Minding The Monsters Trailer:

AJ’s Intro, Roadie The Shark Dog

Yes the intro from AJ is in the TV special, but I do not remember the full thing of Jeff’s intro being aired. The first part is here in the aired footage, but not all of it. That’s what I love about Jeff Dunham’s albums and DVDs, there is so much extra footage!!!! I love when Jeff tells stories, before bringing out the puppets.

Walter As CrankenStein

Walter as Crankenstein, I don’t even know where to begin. Walter is funny as hell, everything that comes out of his mouth in this had me cackling all the time! Jeff did an amazing job creating the Crankenstein version of Walter, and he looks so lifelike. It is freakin awesome.

“Walter I thought your marriage was solid? … In a constipated kinda way.”

That’s just one of the many jokes in the Walter segment. Absolutely amazing!

Bubba J. as The White Trash Vampire

Bubba J. has always been a cool and interesting character. He takes redneck to a whole new level. In Minding The AMonsters Bubba J. is the White Trash Vampire….

“So Bubbja J. you’re a vampire… yup and I’ve come to suck your beer!”

Again Jeff has done a great job redressing Bubba J. to look like a vampire. And having only one tooth, well it’s a bottle opener! So many great jokes.

Peanut as Batnut

Bat needs a Nutler! I think that Peanut is one of my most favorite characters that Dunham has. He is snarky, saracstic, and oh so awesome. Peanut has Bat armor and a mask on, very cool looking.

“Face my honey roasted justice!”

Peanut is the king of double entendres! I alays loved the adventures that Jeff portrays through Peanut and Jose Jalapeno on a stttttiiiiicccckkkk….. They are a true dynamic duo. Jose as Ruben is awesome!

Achmed as an American Woman

Achmed in drag… ummm… ok then! Ever since Spark Of Insanity when Achmed debuted, he has been a huge hit for Dunham. Everyone in the world loves Achmed.

“I used to be a suicide bomber, now I’m a sucide bombshell”

Achmed as an American Woman is very funny, and it’s something new for the character, plus it’s Dunham kinda working through the Divorce from his first wife. So many great jokes with Achmed this time around.

Final Thoughts:

Minding The Monsters is hillarious, and anyone that loves Jeff Dunham, will love this new special. Anyone that loves Halloween, and scray stuff, will love the comedy in this. You can check out Jeff Dunham’s YouTube Channel here, and be sure to visit

Overall Minding The Monsters just adds to Dunham’s global success, and I absolutely loved it.

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