Album Review: Alter Bridge- AB III

Album Review:

Alter Bridge- AB III

November 9th 2010 marked the release date of Alter Bridge’s third album. As I’ve said in a lot of musical related blogs recently I was soooooooo out of touch with a lot of the new releases from some of my favorite bands. Back in June of 2004 when Creed broke up I’d heard about Alter Bridge shortly after that. Their debut album One Day Remains I liked Find The Real, Open Your Eyes, and the title track One Day Remains, then in 2007 Blackbird was released. I think I only heard Rise Today off that one and now we have AB III. Again I found out about this through Rockline Radio this past monday night May 9th Bob Coburn interviewed the band.  People used to say that Alter Bridge was just Creed with a new lead singer ha! this new album proves that theory wrong!!!!

and now for a fact about Alter Bridge that you might not know.

Tremonti named the group after an actual bridge that used to be located in Detroit, Michigan near his former home on Alter Road. The bridge led to an unsafe area and the neighborhood children, who saw the other side of the bridge as the unknown, were forbidden to cross it. According to Tremonti, the name of the band symbolizes choice and looking to the future.

I actually bought AB III off iTunes before the Rockline interview, I listened to it and love it. Isolation is the first single off the album, but my favorite songs so far are Ghost Of Days Gone By, The Fallout, All Hope Is Gone, Make It Right, and Show Me A Sign. The dark melodies in this music are amazing, and most of the songs are very catchy. This will be yet another album I have on constant rotation in my iTunes Library. I think I might have to redo my Top Albums list to have it be a Top 10 list!!!!

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