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The Sea Of Memories

September 13, 2011 marked the return of Bush! As I said in my blurb on the Top albums post, I’m a Bush cherry picker. As far as what songs I listen to. This applies to their older stuff, however The Sea Of Memories is their best album to date! The Sea of Memories has great songs on it. From The Sound Of Winter to The Afterlife, and so many more. I’m not sure exactly why I’m now loving an entire Bush album. It could be from the fact that the lineup in the band has changed. I’m not entirely sure. This isn’t me calling the past members of Bush bad, but in the past as I stated earlier that I only liked the singles.

The Sea Of Memories has 15 awesome tracks. Three of these tracks are bonus tracks. The album was produced by Bob Rock, and the arrangements of the tracks are great. I don’t think that there is another order I’d have them in. Below you’ll find the tracklisting. There are several “bonus versions”. These versions are various store exclusives. The one I have is from iTunes. The riffs and lyrics are what gets me liking this album. I’ve always looked at any song I listen to and say what story is it telling? So here’s the tracklisting:

1. The Mirror Of The Signs

2. The Sound Of Winter

3. All my Life

4. The Afterlife

5. All Night Doctors

6. Baby Come Home

7. Red Light

8. She’s A Stallion

9. I believe In you

10. Stand up

11. The Heart Of The Matter

12. Be Still My love

iTunes Bonus Tracks:

13. All Night Doctors (Original Version)

14. Float (Acoustic Version)

15 Landslide (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

You can find the other tracklistings here. Now that last one is interesting. Most of today’s rock bands do covers. For me I love hearing these covers, because it breathes new life into an old song. Bush’s rendition of Landslide is no different. I’m usually very surprised when a band does a cover, and half the time they are welcomed surprises. If you are an old school Bush fan, or even a newcomer to them this album is awesome. I’d have to say that Baby Come Home, The Sound Of Winter, Afterlife, and Stand Up are my current favorites from The Sea Of Memories. Be sure to check Bush out on their website

Album Score: 10/10

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