Album Review – Daryl Hall – Laughing Down Crying

Daryl Hall

Laughing Down Crying

In his first new solo album in 14 years Daryl Hall hits it outta the park! I’ve been a fan of Hall and Oates since I was 2 years old. I’m not kidding! Ever since I knew what music was, there was Daryl Hall and John Oates. On September 27, 2011 Daryl released Laughing Down Crying. The first single Talking to You (Is Like Talking To Myself) is an amazing song! As soon as I heard it I was ready to listen to the entire album. Another reason why I like this album is because of the preview that Daryl gave the world on his web show Live From Daryl’s House!

Daryl Hall has always made music that has touched my heart is some way or another. One of the reasons that I love Hall and Oates so much is that it was a bonding thing for me and my Aunt Rose when I was a kid. I can’t listen to any Hall and Oates song without thinking of her. She passed away in 2003, and I miss her very much. Every time I listen to daryl or John it always makes me think of her.

most artists change and evolve over the years, and Daryl Hall is no exception to that. However I think that he has also remained true to the musical style he started out with. When listening to Laughing Down Crying it is like the Daryl Hall from the 80’s has been transported to the current day. I guess some artists are just timeless like that. This album is 11 solid tracks, and everyone should check it out. Other songs I like are Lifetime of Love, Message To Ya, Problem With You, Wrong Side Of History, and Eyes For You.

If you are old school Hall and Oates or Daryl Hall fan Laughing Down Crying is a great place to continue that journey. If you are a new Daryl Hall fan, tis album is a great jumping off point. With that I’ll say anyone that likes classic pop music this is a great listen.

Album Score: 10/10

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