Album Review: Finger Eleven – Life Turns Electric

Finger Eleven

Life Turns Electric

Before 2003 I never knew of Finger Eleven, nor did I ever know that previously the name of the band was The Rainbow Butt Monkeys. Their self titled 2003 album brought hits like Other Light, Stay In Shadow, and the mellow hit One Thing. One Thing actually launched them into mainstream rock. Then in 2007 the band released Them Vs You Vs Me with the hits Paralyzer, Falling On, I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague, and Talking To The Walls. I have to admit I can’t listen to every track on either of these albums. I like just the songs I’ve listed above. I’ve tried listening to the whole albums of each of these releases I just can’t.

October 5th 2010 Marks the release of Finger Eleven’s sixth studio album Life Is Electric. They released the single Living in a Dream in july of this year. I hadn’t been keeping up with Finger Eleven, but hearing this song I really like it. I have listened to this album front to back several times and I truly like every song. It’s not often when I like a whole album from any artist I listen to. The first track we hear is called Any Moment Now. It has a nice melody and hook to it I think. The riffs are very subtle, but awesome at the same time. The next track Pieces Fit starts off with a few light riffs and a good melody. The first single Living in a Dream has that Paralyzer type of feel to it, but it’s a completely different song. I think that my favorite track is Don’t Look Down…… I just find myself listening to it the most. Overall if you are a past or present Finger Eleven fan you’ll like this new album. And for you newcomers to the band I’d recommend that you listen to some of their other stuff as well. So I’ll be Living In a Dream and listening to this for awhile.

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