Album Review: Hinder – All American Nightmare

Album Review:

Hinder- All American Nightmare

Hinder has always rocked out………

Everyone should know by now that I am a very mainstream Rock kinda guy. When I first heard Hinder’s Get Stoned Buckcherry’s Crazy Bitch had just gone off the air. Get Stoned from Hinder’s debut album Extreme Behavior has a great hook and crazy lyrics. The next song I’d heard from them was Lips of an Angel. After hearing that song multiple times I became an instant fan of these guys. Their next album Take It To The Limit hit stores in 2008. I’d heard the first single Use Me and was like whoa! This wasn’t the sound I was expecting. However since I’d already bought the album in iTunes I figured I’d give it a try. The only track I like of the second album is Up All Night. It has the same feel alot of the songs from Extreme Behavior had. I did truly still enjoy the music Hinder was making then December 7th 2010 came………..

On that day I was browsing the iTunes Store mainpage and saw a banner for Hinder…. I was like oooh cool. I clicked on it and learned about their third album All American Nightmare. At first I just bought two songs from the album. The title track and the song called The Life. The band has reinvented themselves with this release I’d say. They also keep true to their original song style from Extreme Behavior. All American Nightmare has the hard rock beats of Get Stoned and the sexy lyrics from Lips of an Angel. The other songs on the album that I really enjoy are Striptease, Waking Up The Devil, Hey Ho, oh hell I have to admit I like them all!!!!

I really enjoy when an artist or band releases an album that I can listen to it cover to cover. Hinder’s All American Nightmare does just that. If you buy the Deluxe Edition in iTunes you get iTunes LP Content which includes:

  • Play Album
  • Tracklist
  • Photos
  • Videos: All American Nightmare (Music Video), Lips Of An Angel (Live), Use Me (Live)
  • Liner Notes
  • Credits
  • Website

I really enjoy iTunes LP especially for the tracklist and liner notes. It’s a very cool feature especially for someone like me that has bad eyesight. I mean really who can read liner notes from a CD? Overall Hinder’s new album is awesome I think and hopefully I’ll get to see them in concert one day. Here’s a look at the iTunes LP Menu:

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