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The Staying Power Of Nickelback!

Here and Now

Nickelback has been a band that I have loved since the release of The State! If a song catches my ear and I instantly like it well that’s how I have always been with music. I think it was either Breathe or Leader Of Men that I heard first wayyyyyy back when. Sure there are a few tracks in NB’s catalog that I don’t listen to as much. Overall I throughly enjoy their albums. A lot of people I know say they peaked with Silver Side Up, well I severely disagree with that. I will admit that most Nickelback songs are very radio friendly. However they do tackle some darker stuff. No one will ever change my opinion and liking of this band, just like no one can change my mind that the Darth Maul fight at the end of Phantom Menace was awesome! Dual Lightsaber FTW!!!

However we are here to talk about the latest release from Nickelback. Here and Now was released on Nickelback Monday November 21, 2011. The first two singles Bottoms Up and When We Stand Together hit radio September 26th, and available for purchase September 27th. Bottoms Up is the party song from the band, and will easily become a song that bartenders will play all the time. When We Stand Together is a melodic trance like song. It will mesmerize you, and it has a nice groove to it. The arrangement of the tracks on Here and Now are prefect. I don’t think there is another order I’d put them in. Lullaby and Trying Not To Love You are my Top 2 favorite songs at this moment. Other favorites are Midnight Queen, Gotta Get Me Some, Kiss It GoodBye, and Holding Onto Heaven. I’ve listened to this album over and over front to back since I started writing this review. It is yet another solid effot from Nickelback. I can’t wait to see them perform these songs live!

In closing I must say that from heading down The Long Road, to giving us All The Right Reasons, riding a Dark Horse, and now this new album I can listen to every track from Nickelback. There are a few tracks on Curb, The State, and Silver Side Up That don’t really catch me.

If you are a Nickelback fan well why are you still reading this go buy Nickelback’s Here and Now RIGHT NOW!!!!

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    1. Seriously you couldn’t write a piece of constructive feedback at all? Everyone has their own tastes. If you don’t like them then why did you read the review?

      1. Well to be honest i came on here to listen to one of your amazing radio shows and then i saw this…shocked and horrified i felt the need to comment on it right away…….but to each there own.

        1. Comparing other rock bands in the last 5 to 15 years Nickelback is easily one of the best. They have staying power. They know their audience and the play to them. Granted not everyone will like every single artist or band, but I was hoping for something a little more then just a straight insult to them.

          Thanks for the support. Check all the other stuff out!

          1. I did say “one of the best” rock bands in the last 5-15 years. I did not say that they are the best. As I type this response I’m listening to their interview on rockline radio…. Chad said hey if people don’t like us they can change the radio station. But the fact is they have millions of fans. I get it that not a lot of people in my circle of friends like them, but I do damnit!

            Here’s the rockline replay where you can hear the interview.

          2. I saw that on their website last night. My argument remains the same though. In almost twenty years they have 10 #1 songs, they have a huge fanbase, they sell tons of records, and I’m not ecven counting the concerts ticket sales, or the merch sales!

            At the end of the day I still and always will love their music. I don’t care if Chad cut his hair or if he grew it down to his ankles. I care about the music, and if a song they sing either touches my heart, or makes me wanna rock out that’s all the matters.

          3. One of the best really?…more like one of the worst…you want a good Rock band? Try Dream Theater and or TOOL not a band full of tools…..i stand by my statement. Listening to a Nickelback song is better proof that they suck, but I warn you if you’re to do so it may cause hearing impairment.

          4. I do like a ew Tool songs, I also like a few A Perfect Circle Songs! However I will always like Nickelback and no one can deny me that. No one can sway me away from the enjoyment I get from listening to their albums. It’s clear that you don’t like them, and that is fine. As I said in the review if people are fans of the band go get the new album. No one is forcing the NB Haters to buy their stuff. I’m done with this discussion.

          5. You stick to your guns I can respect that. BTW i totally dug you and scotty cashes reviews on Power Rangers Turbo both the movie and series( yes i listened to both of them Back to Back BTW) and i have to say i agree with ya. The movie was terrible and the show was pretty bad too (Justin was the worst!!) I did check out the first 3 and last 3 episodes those where ok.Can’t wait for u and scotty to review Power Rangers in space. It’s one of my favorites after Mighty Morphin.

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