Floor to Ceiling Tips for Building Your Own Home Music Studio

For many people, making music is a passion and having a functional home music studio is essential to doing their best work. A great music studio should give you space to store your instruments and the room to have fun and experiment with your music. Here are a few tips that can help your music studio to be better than ever before. 

The Floors 

To begin, you have to make sure that your floors are right for getting your work done without disturbing people around you. There are many flooring options available for you, but you want to make sure to choose an option that is good at containing sound and reducing echo. This means that options like cork and foam are great choices that can look beautiful while also helping with your sound containment. While you can put in your own floors elsewhere in your home, in your music studio, there are advantages to not going the DIY route when having the flooring done. 

The Walls 

Your walls are another part of your studio that really needs to be addressed. If you have a big empty room with normal drywall walls, you are likely to get a lot of sound coming in and a lot of echo in the space. Using acoustic foam on your walls can help you to keep out unwanted sound and keep the sound you need inside the room. This is all while still ensuring that you get great sound quality for your recordings. You can also add additional layers of drywall to give yourself even more soundproofing in your studio

The Ceiling 

Finally, you can’t finish your music studio without making sure that the ceiling is taken care of as well. If you don’t soundproof your ceiling, all of your other work will pretty much go to waste as sound will escape through the top of the room. Sound can easily travel through the structure of your ceiling, so it is important to get it taken care of so that sound can’t enter or exit your studio. Using acoustic foam or other sound dampening materials can help you to accomplish this. 

This is a big project, so it’s okay if it takes some time and planning to get everything to come together. When you take this floor to ceiling approach, you can catch every issue and reevaluate as you go. Then you can start producing amazing music from the comfort of your home studio.

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