Musical Notions: Stan Bush – The Touch Power Remixes

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Stan Bush – The Touch Power Remixes

Welcome to Musical Notions!!! This will be used to cover singles, and promote new stuff from artists we love. This is different from Album Reviews, because it will only focus on a single or singles, versus a full album review.

Recently I saw Stan Bush post the above art to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. I then shot an email to him saying I’d love to blog about these two new renditions of the classic hit The Touch. Seeing as I have yet to play Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron, I just figured that it was the 1986 version of the song. Boy was I wrong!

I got a reply from Stan stating that there were actually two remixes. Usually with remixed songs they include rap tracks that have nothing to do with the original song. I really don’t like that. However these have NO RAP in them!!!

01. The Touch – Power Mix

This remix isn’t as slow as the 2009 Sam’s Theme version, Stan is rockin out!! The riffs behind his voice are amazing!!!! The pacing of the song is wonderful. It has a slow down in the backing meoldy at around the 2:45 mark, then at the 3:00 mark Stan’s slower vocal comes in with  POOOOWWEERRRR, and it ramps up again. I love his style of singing in this version. From 3:20 to 3:32 there’s an amazing instrumental part of the track, and it ends on a nice fade away. !!

02. The Touch Fall Of Cybertron Epic Guitar Remix

The title says it all! This remix is all about big guitars. It’s almost as if you are hearing and seeing a LIVE Stan Bush show!!! The sound is perfect, and so reminiscent of the 86 version. At the same time it’s different, because the way the strings are used it feels like a BTAND NEW rendition. From 4:08 til the song ends the instrumental behind Stan repeating “touch” is just amazing, how the beats is under his voice.

Overall Thoughts:

I love both remixes of the song. I like the Epic Guitar Remix just slightly more. Stan has done a great job in recreating a masterpiece many times over. You Can Get Both Tracks in iTunes

Be sure to check Stan out on his Website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Til All Are One!!!!!

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