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Arrow Season 1

Arrow S1

Original Television Soundtrack

The CW has proven that not just Batman or Superman are the only DC Heroes that can be sucessful on the small screen. 2 Years ago The CW and Warner Bros-DC Comics launched Arrow. TFG1Mike has a full review of Blake Neely’s score for the first season of the hit TV show! With 29 tracks, the album is just over an hour long, and it could not be more epic!

Huge thanks to my buddy Optibotimus for sending the Season 1 Score to me from iTunes, you can get it here!Arrow Banner

When Arrow first hit the scene, I was not worried or skeptical about the series at all. Because it was clearly so radically different from what Smallville was. Arrow has taken the mythology of the Green Arrow universe and adapted it so well. I’ll say one thing about the Green Arrow in Smallville compared to this one. I did enjoy Justin Hartley as GA in Smallville. Thought he did an excellent job. However Stephen Amell is the NEW Arrow. I’ll have a full rundown of my thoughts of the first season in the REMOTE CONTROL Season Pass episode coming up soon. For now I will be focusing on Blake Neely and his awesome score! I love the main theme to Arrow which can be heard at the very end of the first track on this release entitled “Five Years” It has such an action theme kinda feel to it, as far as the main theme of the show. Neely and his crew do such amazing things with the music in this show. I’ve said this in nearly every soundtrack review I’ve done….. Sometimes you need to hear the music outside of what it was intended to be heard in. There were times in my watching of Arrow Season 1 where I hardly noticed the score, but then there are those times when I really noticed it. Like in Track 13: “Chasing the Hood” I love how Neely’s composition combines clasical instruments with more modern touches. In that track from 0:11 to 0:21 there is a awesome bit of electronica type sound. I love that, and it repeats throughout the track.

Arrow S1 Ep 19

I’ve always loved how composers will work in the “heros theme” into other pieces of the score. Blake Neely does this very well, and each track that I’ve heard on the Season 1 score has been amazing. It’s hard not to like this music, because it adds a whole other level to how great the TV show is. Track 15: “The Dark Archer / It Is I Who Failed This City” is another of my favorites. It has high action moments that amp you up, and then slow emotional moments. These are based around who The Dark Archer is, and the eventual fate of that character. There are some awesome dark tones in this track. It also brings us a few “into the light” moments as well. Track 17: “The Count”  is another favorite of mine. It has this awesome villain theme for the character that appeared in Season 1 of the show. It’s very dark and ominous! I really dig that. My favorite tracks are 1, 4, 13, 15, 17, and 29.

Arrow S1 Ep 22

Overall this score is wonderfully put together. It expresses the tone of the TV Show so well. I’m very much looking forward to the Season 2 score, which I’ll have a review of as well. Mr. Neely and his team have really brought Arrow to life through this music.

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Arrow's S1 soundtrack has hit it's mark!

Arrow Season 1 TV Soundtrack is a wonderful companion to the tv series. Blake neely does an excellent job composing music that not only fits the show like a glove, but it strengthens the emotional tone of the tv series!

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