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Arrow Season 2

Arrow S2

Original Television Soundtrack

Arrow Season 2’s Score is wonderfully done by Blake Neely! Much like the first season, the second season score ramps up everything with this CW TV Series. TFG1Mike has a review for the La La Land Records release!

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So I’ve finally finished watching Arrow Season 2. I’m going to hold off on my in depth thoughts, as we’ll be doing a Season Pass Episode of Remote Control on it. However I will say that I thought it was a natural evolution of the series. Events were not just left hanging in the air, nor were they just dropped off the face of the Earth. So I like that. The continuity is strong with this show, and it introduces Barry Allen very well, for when he’ll have his own show The Flash. With Blake Neely’s score for Season 2, the themes are there for the overtone of the show, but Mr. Neely has really stepped up the game. Right now as I’m writing this Track 16: “This Ends Tonight” is my absolute favorite off the entire album. But then the VERY Next Track… Track 17: “Good And Bad Aren’t So Clear” is also a favorite. just the way the music amps up as it goes along, I absolutely love that.

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What surprises me about Neely’s score for Season 2 of Arrow is when the emotionally charged music comes in. What is so great about hearing the music to this season, outside of watching the show… Is that I can tell from what scenes in what episodes the music comes from. Tracks like #19 “Deathstroking / Creating An Army With A Needle” this one has some downright evil themes in it, and I really really dig it. The music just kinda hooks you in. It won’t let you go, and you can go on listening for hours on end.

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Track 21: “A.R.G.U.S.’s Suicide Squad” is another favorite, because it adds a flavor to the show that it hadn’t had before. It’s dark and sinister, but not necessarily a villain theme. I love how Neely cafts themes for each character, and how the Arrow’s overall theme is for the entirety of Team Arrow! With each new character a new theme emerges for them. Which is wonderful, you do not often see that in TV series these days. With Track 28: “Tunnel Fight” and Track 29: “Never Again” I think that these are great musical accompaniments to the scenes that they are attached to. “Tunnel Fight” especially after seeing that episode. I really love the theme here even more. “Never Again” ends this soundtack score. It also is the ending theme to the S2 Finale of the show. Very cool and mysterious theme here.

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Overall I really loved this score for Season 2 of Arrow. Each theme and track is unique to the series, and the music is very catchy. You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly!

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Arrow Season 2's Score is Action Packed and emotionally charged!

Arrow Season 2's Score by Blake Neely is a Arrowtastic listen. It builds upon the Season 1 score, and gives us new music to listen to from the TV Series. I can't wait til Season 3 continues, and see what NEW music Neely and his team will come up with.

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