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The Ultimate

Can you believe it’s been FOUR YEARS since Stan’s Dream the Dream dropped? Well Stan Bush is back, and he truly deserves the title of The Ultimate!

The Ultimate is the latest offering from Stan Bush. It’s a higher evolution of melodic rock. It has more rockin’ tunes than his previous album Dream the Dream. Which had a mixture of Rock Anthems and love songs. The Ultimate gives you 11 total tracks, 9 of which are all new! The remaining two were singles from the previous two years. Heat of the Battle and The Touch Power Mix. The Ultimate combines the uplifting themes Stan has sung about his entire career, as well as a few love themed songs. I think that what intrigues me most about Stan’s style is that while he is a staple of the 1980s, he has shown us he can craft 21st Century rock songs.

There are so many different techniques Stan incorporated with this album. Between using a military type march drum beat at the end of the title track The Ultimate, to doing a vocal echo on The Memory of You track. I’m not sure I could pick a number one favorite song from this album, because they are all great. It was a little weird hearing Heat of the Battle as Track 3, because I’d already heard it before. However after multiple listen throughs of the entire album, I feel that it does fit in nicely with the NEW tracks.

OK so I will pick some favorite tracks, my number one fav is the title track The ultimate this track talks about rising up and meeting your dreams, as well as realizing any moment of truth in your life. My next favorite is Stand in the Fire, this is a track all about facing something you need to in order to survive. The fact that you are joining the fight… for whatever it is that you believe in. My third favorite track is Unstoppable, which is the first single off the album. Again continuing with the positive message Stan puts out… this track is about being Unstoppable against any odds.

IF you have ever liked any of Stan Bush’s music… whether you are a Transformers fan or not… go get this album. It’s available on iTunes, and Stan’s Website.

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