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The year was 2000, and what if we had to face life AFTER EARTH? Don Bluth and Gary Goldman give us that answer! Titan A.E. might seem like a Fox Animation sleeper film, but it isn’t Graeme Revell scored the music for this awesome futuristic life altering film. TFG1Mike gives you his thoughts on the score from La La Land Records, and more!

^ That trailer is a LIE!!!! Creed’s song “Higher” is nowhere in the film. I felt let down by this when I saw the film in 2000, but on subsequent viewings the song has no place in the film. It was a great promotional tool though. 

Just to preface this Review…. I have covered this film before… in ToonCast Classic Episode 68 – Titan A.E., however that was wayyyy back in August of 2010. Still check it out!

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Titan A.E. has 32 tracks and a Total running time of 76:55. This single disc limited edition CD score from La La Land Records was just what I needed to kick off the end of 2014. La La Land Records has done it again! For 15 years now I’ve been waiting for the score of Titan A.E. SURE we have the kick ass soundtrack that was released alongside the film. However Revelle’s score in certain places is very epic!!! I have to talk about the soundtrack that was released just for a minute. The sung soundtrack, because that does have some catchy songs on it. Lit, Powerman 5000, Electrasy, and The Urge are the many artists whom I ike songs from on the regular soundtrack. Especially “It’s My Turn to Fly” by The Urge, because it was during the scene where Cale finally got to fly a ship!!! My other favorite is Electrasy’s “Cosmic Castaway” it just has an epic hook in it… that is very catchy. The Powerman 5000 track “The Ed is Over” is my third favorite…. super groovy themes in it.

Titan AE #1

Going back and rewatching Titan A.E. I still love it as I did when it released in 2000. Say what you want about Don Bluth’s other animation works, but Titan for me is easily the most visually stunning animated film in his library. When I was rewatching it…. several things hit me. The first was how well the backgrounds look in every single scene. The next thing that hit me about the film is that the voice cast is all over the map. However that is not a bad thing. By that I mean that there are actor’s lending their voices in this… that you might never think they world. The cast includes Matt Damon, Bill Pullman, Drew Barrymore, Nathan Lane, Tone Loc, and more. The basic story of the film is what if Humans were near extinction? With Earth being blown up in the year 3028 by the Drej… Humans are now refugees throughout the universe. Cale’s father Sam Tucker built a ship that would help save the human race, but he had to go and hide it so the Drej wouldn’t destroy it. Revelle’s score for the film has been somewhat of a mystery to me. Because of the fact that the producers and editors of the film had it meld with the artists songs that are featured in the film.

Titan AE #4

So having this score in it’s entirety is somewhat of a great thing. Because I can hear the themes I noticed from the film, and then be surprised all over again with the rest of the tracks. Track 01: “Prologue / Drej Attack” is a great opening to the film… it highlights the mystery and also the danger that the Drej present. While Track 06: “The Ring Is The Key” is only 56 seconds long… it is another of my favorites, because it deepens the mystery of the film. After that it transitions to Tracks 7 and 8 “Start Running, Keep Running” and “Exhale” The funny thing about this score, and a lot of scored film, animation, TV I watch is that composers can do so much in so little time. Track 8: “Exhale” is another one where it’s only 54 seconds. In just that short amount of time we understand the depths that Korso and Cale have to go through floating through space. With Track 09: “Do You Know What This Means?” it’s the same thing, in 27 seconds Revelle has given us more mysterious music to the plot of the film.

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Just look at the visuals in these screencaps… Titan A.E.’s animation with the scenery and backgrounds was truly amazing. Track 12: “The Broken Moon” is a track that has high energy, and action! The Hydrogen Forest Chase track is like this as well. Track 22: “Launch / Hall Of Mirrors” is another favorire, because this is during the scene where Korso is hunting Cale and Akima in the Ice Crystals. That and the Ghost Angels scenes have always been a favorite from this film. Tracks 29 and 30 are also among my favorites. These are “Power Struggle” and “Creation/Bob” The music is so evident in these tracks as you are watching the film. They enhance it so much. There are two Bonus Tracks on this release, and those are 31 and 32. “Creation” (Orchestra only) and “Prologue (With Alternate Opening)” I like these as well, but not sure about the alternate to Prologue. Overall so happy to have the score to one of my favorite animated films of all time.

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Titan A.E. deserves more recognition than it gets. The Score by Graeme Revelle is wonderfully put together, and I highly recommend it. You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! So there ya have it!!! Welcome to Planet BOB!

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Humanity's Last Hope is the Titan!

Titan A.E.'s score is out of this world!

Titan A.E. is wonderfully scored by Graeme Revelle. The music fits the sci-fi futuristic film so well. You'll be doing yourself a great disservice if you don't grab this while you can.

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  1. Just wish they’d make this available for digital download. I can only find it on CD. That’s a little ridiculous.

    1. La La Land Records is a CD company they don’t do digital download much. As I said in the review you can buy it directly from them, and then import it into your computer.

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