Stan Bush- Dream the Dream- Album Review and Video Montage

Stan Bush

Dream the Dream

Album Review

You know him as the singer/songwriter of Optimus Prime’s theme from 1986’s Transformers: The Movie when Stan Bush sang The Touch. He also sang Dare which I consider to be Hot Rod-Rodimus Prime’s theme. However Stan Bush has done a lot more than just those two epic songs. In 2007 he had album of the year with In This Life. That album featuring I’ll Never Fall, Southern Rain, and the transformers theme that was featured in Transformers War For Cybertron Til All Are One!

Now in 2010 Stan has given us a new album Dream the Dream. The official release date according to Stan’s twitter page is 9/15/10.

I contacted Stan and asked for a review copy and wow listening to this it is pretty awesome.  From the first play Stan rocks out with Never Hold Back there are very good riffs and hooks in this song. Then there are ballads like Don’t Give Up On Love, Two Hearts, In My Life, and Love is the Road. All of these ballads are very well done and they each tell a different story. When you get to the track If This Is All There Is it’s a song telling a story of a reason to live and that life is worth living. After that we get the title track Dream the Dream a song of seizing the day and taking charge of your life. More Than a Mircale has a slightly upbeat feeling to it. Not as slow as some of the love ballads, but still takes you in. It’s a song about finding your destiny and about finding the light within. Your Time is the next track and I gotta say this is one of my favorites after hearing it a few times. It is all about knowing who you are, reaching higher for something you are fighting for, and being strong. All That I Am is the next to last track  and again a love ballad, but a very good one. I like how Stan is basically telling stories in each song, and while most of them have the same enpowerment type of themes they are all different as well.

Now to the final track Stan told me it would be a bonus on Dream the Dream it’s Sam’s Theme (The Touch) a updated version for 2010. The last time this was updated was 2007. When this was first talked about Stan had said he wanted to update the 80’s song to something of today’s type of music. An example he used was Linkin Park. When I heard the song I thought it was great that Stan was taking a mellower way of singing it. However I heard the rap part and was like wait a dang minute that isn’t the Stan Bush I know. I completely understand what he attempted to do with it, however it just wasn’t my thing. I am not a huge fan of rap.

I was pleasantly surprised when Sam’s Theme (The Touch) on Dream the Dream featured no rap at all. I love this updated version and at the end there are a few rock riffs that kick your ass!

Huge thanks to Stan Bush for sending me an autographed copy of the new album Dream The Dream which comes out 9/15/10 Everyone should get this one!

After writing this review I did something I’m very proud of. I received my autographed review copy of Stan Bush’s brand new album Dream the Dream and wanted to do something special to help him promote it. I created a video montage with his permission and included some of the new tracks from the upcoming album which will be out 9/15/10. This is my first really in depth video project I’ve taken on and it took 7 hours to get it as perfect as I could. There are a few things that are amiss, however I’m very proud of myself check it out!

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