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TFG1Mike’s Album Reviews:

12 Stones

Beneath The Scars

It has been a long time coming! 12 Stones released their fourth studio album Beneath The Scars on May 22, 2012. Everyone thought that the EP of The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, was gonna be the next 12 Stones album, but it wasn’t. I love that they released an EP like that, and honestly I’m not missing those songs here on Beneath The Scars.

What I find interesting about this latest entry into 12 Stones’s discography is that it seems to be a slow rockin record. What I mean is that there’ll be a song like Bulletproof, which is heavy guitar riffs and drums.  And then the next song in the tracklisting is For The Night, which is not as guitar and drum heavy, and it’s more of a subtle song. The entire album is a cover to cover listen for me. Besides the singles that are currently released, I love the following songs. Psycho, That Changes Everything, The One Thing, Blind, and Pretty Poison.

Track Listing:

01. Infected

02. Bulletproof

03. For The Night

04. Worlds Collide

05. That Changes Everything

06. The One Thing

07. Blind

08. I’m With You

09. Bury Me

10. Psycho

11. Only Human

12. Someone Like You

13. Shine On Me

14. Pretty Poison

This album mixes the sound of theclassic 12 Stones and the new music that they introduce with this album. There have been several band member changes between Anthem For The Underdog, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, and Beneath The Scars. I do not think that it’s a bad change, and the band has adapted to the new members. Paul McCoy still has the kickass vocals, and it’s just a well produced album. Overall I’m loving this record, it’s very different, yet the same old 12 Stones. You can get it on iTunes and

TFG1Mike’s Rating 10/10


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