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OK Before you scoff at me, or make fun of the fact that I’m reviewing a Christina Aguilera album, please let me explain:

#1. I have many musical tastes, hell I already reviewed an Alanis Morissette album this year.

#2. I’m not just a Rock fan, liking stuff such as Nickelback, Live, 12 Stones, Theory Of A Deadman, and more. Sure I’m not into super heavy metal, or rap, but my tastes include a wide variety of musical genres. 

OK now that we have that outta the way, let me also state that I’ve been a fan of Christina since her debut album. Back in 1999 when she hit the scene, I enjoyed her singing, more then Britney Spears. I get points for that right? I should get points for that!

I honestly hadn’t been following Christina’s career, until I found she was a judge on NBC’s The Voice. I then went back and looked into her discography. Yes I knew about Beautiful from Stripped, but I had only heard about Fighter. I’ve been one of those single song cherry pickers when it comes to Ms. Aguilera.

Since I started watching The Voice last year in Season 2, I’ve become more of a fan of Christina. I was eagerly awaiting her new album Lotus, just to see what she had in store for the world.

And now let the Lotus RISE!

This was the very first full album I bought from Christina Aguilera. As I said above, I was moreso into the hit songs, versus all of each of her albums. I got the iTunes Deluxe Edition, which has 17 tracks on it. This version of the album also comes with iTunes LP. Which is where I got the images. And yes I know that the last four track images are mixed up. There’s nothing I can do about that, it’s how they are in the iTunes LP photo gallery.

Track Listing:

1. Lotus Intro

Christina is well known for her intros, and this one is no exception. It talks of the Lotus flower rising up. I love the tones, backing vocals, and the overall melody.

2. Army Of Me

Army Of Me is kinda like Fighter, but it has more of a entrancing melody. I love the lyrics, and the message it sends. It talks about the multitude of sides a person has, and that we all have a thousand faces. Because in this world you need to be able to multitask. I love jamming to this track.

3. Red Hot Kinda Love

The third track on the album, is yet another upbeat one. It’s almost a dance track, again love the melody, and the vocals that Christina has put out on this.

4. Make The World Move (featuring CeeLo Green)

Christina had worked previously with her The Voice co coach, Adam Levine, and his band Maroon 5 on the song Moves Like Jagger. With Lotus she wanted to work with CeeLo and Blake as well.

This song is very upbeat, and it talks about what if the world could get along. It is an amazing message, and a very awesome song. It has a dance beat in it, and also has slower tempos too. I think out of all the tracks on Lotus, this is the second most listen to one by me.

5. Your Body

The lead single from Lotus. A Very techno feel is what I got from the instruments used in this. I like the song, and think it’s great as a leadoff single.

6. Let There Be Love

It seems that most of the first seven tracks on Lotus are high energy, which is a good thing. Let There Be Love is pretty awesome, has a great beat to it, and also has a few quiet moments.

7. Sing For Me

This is the first track that is a slower track. Well it starts off slow, but then it has some very powerful vocals!!! It talks of how Christina sings for herself. I think that this might be my favorite track on the entire album.

8. Blank Page

This one is another of my favorites. Again a slower song, really love the low vocals Christina uses on it. It talks of how we can be a blank page at times, and then we experience life.

9. Cease Fire

A slightly more upbeat tempo in Cease Fire, very interesting way of laying out the tracks for the album. Very catchy song.

10. Around The World

This one could be another dancing song, very cool instrumentals, and melody behind it. It even has a reference to Lady Marmalade, which is awesome!!!!

11. Circles

The only Explicit track on the album, Circles has high energy, as Christina is telling someone to spin around in Circles on her middle finger. I think this was meant to be a fun track, but I could be wrong. I think of it as that though.

12. Best Of Me

This one is another ballad like track, and has a great story behind. Between Best Of Me, Blank Page, and Sing For Me, I think those are my top three favorites. She’s basically saying no one will ever get the Best of her.

13. Just A Fool (featuring Blake Shelton)

The second duet on the album, this time with fellow coach Blake Shelton from The Voice. This is yet another powerful ballad. It almost seems as if Christina is dipping into country with this. I really enjoy it. Both of their voices are in sync on this.

14. Light Up The Sky

The first of four bonus tracks on the iTunes deluxe version. Light Up the Sky is an awesome power ballad, that is slightly more high energy. It has the makings of a power ballad, but the melody is almost dance mix like.

15. Empty Words

Empty Words is yet another emotional message driven song. Very awesome, and I love listening to it. What I’m noticing about Lotus on the relisten, is that XTina likes to mix the tracks up. A Few upbeat ones here and there, then ballads. I think this is yet another one of my favorites.

16. Shutup

This by far is the fun song of the album. Just like Circles, she is telling someone to shut up, and all kinds of other things. Again, I’m glad that Christina made an emotional/fun album.

17. Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)

I’ll say right now I’m not a fan of remixes, for the most part. I like the original Your Body more then this version.

Final Thoughts:

Lotus is the comeback album for Ms. Aguilera! It is emotional, fun, well thought out, and so much more. All in all a fully loaded album. I enjoy nearly every single track on it. If an album makes you listen cover to cover, you know the artist did a great job putting the record together! GO TEAM XTINA!!!

You can get the iTunes Deluxe Version here.


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