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TFG1Mike’s Top 5 Albums Of 2010

Top 5 Albums of 2010:

I’ve always been into music ever since I was a kid. Growing up in the 80’s was amazing for me. I loved bands like Hall & Oates, Duran Duran, and all that stuff. I mainly like Rock and Pop music, I also like some country music, I’m not into Gangster Rap at all. Yes I love Nickelback that’s just who I am get over it. So what follows is my Top 5 albums of 2010. These are just my choices from the albums I bought or artists I found out about in 2010. When I say that last line I’m specifically meaning Rock Sugar. Now to the countdown!!

5. Default- Comes and Goes:

I’ve liked Default since their first album Fallout. They consistently made songs that I thoroughly enjoyed. So in 2009…yes 2009 when their album Comes and Goes was slated to come out. Or at least that’s what I thought. Apparently that was for Canada, but on October 26th 2010 it was finally released worldwide. My two favorite songs from Comes and Goes are Good Bye and Supposed To Be. However the album is pretty much a front to back listen for me. With one exception….Default decided to include an updated version of Wasting My Time……while I loved the original and acoustic versions of this song what’s on Comes and Goes is horrid. It has some sort of Chinese sounding twang effect. Ugh!!!! So other then that Comes and Goes is a great effort from Default.

Be sure to visit Default’s website:

4. Finger Eleven- Life Turns Electric:

Ahh Finger Eleven…this is the first album that I can listen to front to back of theirs. It’s not that I didn’t like their previous albums, but I only liked certain songs. This album I like every song for one reason or another. My favorites are Living In A Dream, the first single, Stone Soul, Don’t Look Down, and Love’s What you Left Me With. Every song on Life Turns Electric is well Electric. Whether it’s a softer tune like Love’s What You Left Me With, or if it’s a high energy song like Living In A Dream Finger Eleven have done a great job electrifying the senses.

Be sure to visit Finger Eleven’s website:

3. Stan Bush- Dream The Dream:

Stan Bush is not just the guy who created The Touch and Dare for 1986’s Transformers The Movie….. OK he is that guy, but there is so much more to Stan then songs about Cybertronians! September 15th 2010 saw the release of Stan’s 15th studio album. Dream the Dream is by far Stan’s best work to date. Again like all the previous entries in this list Dream the Dream is an album I can listen to front to back. There isn’t a song on it I dislike it’s just good upbeat enpowering music. That’s what Stan Bush is all about from the first track Never Hold Back to the bonus track of Sam’s Theme (The Touch) Stan takes us on a journey that both rocks out and leaves you wanting more.

Be sure to visit Stan’s Website:

2. Hinder- All American Nightmare:

Ahh yes the band that wanted us to Get Stoned in 2005. The first time I was exposed to Hinder was when I’d heard their songs Get Stoned and Lips Of An Angel. They soon became another one of my favorite bands. When they released their second album Take It To The Limit I’d felt they changed their sound too much. However December 7 2010 saw the release of their third album All American Nightmare. I hadn’t even known that Hinder had put this third album out until it caught my eye in the iTunes Store one day. I bought the title track and first single as well as the song The Life. I liked them both very much and then bought the rest of the album. As I said before I thought their second album was a very different sound then Extreme Behavior. Well All american Nightmare returns to the original sound Hinder had. It’s filled with hard rockin songs and a few slow rockin ones too. The lyrics and melodies are very well done. My favorite tracks so far and ones I listen to alot are All American Nightmare, WhatYa Gonna Do, Hey Ho, Waking Up The Devil, Striptease, and Put That Record On. Most of these are the kickassery songs on the album and I just love what the band has done with this release.

Be sure to visit Hinder’s website:

1. Rock Sugar- Reimaginator:

I have to give credit where it’s due. I’d never have known about Rock Sugar if it weren’t for my friend Peaugh. I’d seen his Rock Sugar Contest Video (CONTEST HAS BEEN OVER) which you can find here: After watching this I sought this band out and found their video for Don’t Stop The Sandman. I thought it was very cool and interesting concept.

So I wanted to hear more of these guys, and to my surprise I learned that Jess Harnell voice of Wakko Warner from Animaniacs and so many other cartoons was the lead singer. I think Jess does an amazing job and he almost sounds just like Steve Perry and James Hetfield in the first single. In Fact Jess almost sounds like everyone from the songs that Rock Sugar combines to make new songs. It’s taking the Pop Rock lyrics and singing them to the heavy metal riffs of the 80’s. Anyone who loves 80’s Pop and Rock will love this band. As I said before the reason why Rock Sugar is my #1 choice for album of 2010 is because the premise is sooo different then anything else. I mean really did you ever think that Madonna and AC/DC would ever collaborate? Well Rock Sugar Makes them with the combining of You Shook Me All Night Long and Like A Prayer. Creating the song You Shook Me Like A Prayer. Or how about Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train and Rick Springfield’s Jesse’s Girl? This is just awesome!!!!!!!I actually had the chance to interview Jess Harnell about his voice acting and Rock Sugar. You can check that out here:

Be sure to visit their website

So that’s it for my Top 5 Albums of 2010 here’s hoping 2011 gives us even more awesome music. Keep on rockin and UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!!!

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