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TFG1Mike’s Top 5 Albums Of 2012

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Top 5 Albums of 2012:

I’m back again this year with my Top 5 Albums of 2011. This year for me has been awesome with two of my favorite bands releasing new albums. I also found a new favorite band in Black Stone Cherry, and Alter Bridge has released a solid album as well. Just to note for you the readers I based this list on albums I bought in 2011. This top list is not to say that these are the best albums of 2011, moreso my best albums of the year. So before we get to the Top 5 I have to make a few mentions. One reason why I’m editing this post is to reflect my choices in The GCRN 2011 Year In Review Podcast. These albums would have made my list a top 6 or 7 list, but seeing as I just found out about one, and forgot about the other.

#5. Alanis Morissette – Havoc and Bright Lights

As I said in the review of Havoc and Bright Lights, this was the first Alanis album since Jagged Little Pill, that I bought the whole album. I fell in love with most of the songs on the album. I blame Chris Sunday for turning me onto this album. I think that Woman Down is my favorite song off the entire thing, it is either that or Empathy. You can get the album on iTunes or Alanis’s Website.

#4. Brian Tyler – Transformers Prime Season 1 Soundtrack

Transformers Prime!!!! The latest TF cartoon, and a huge hit for The HUGB and Hasbro!!! This Animated Series has superb musical scoring done by Brian Tyler. All 25 tracks are just amazing!!!!!!!! It makes the cartoon so much more epic. It adds to emotional scenes, and action scenes as well. It is so awesome to hear the music without the other effects in there. Any TF fan should get this!!!! It’s on iTunes.

#3. Stan Bush The Touch Remixes

Even though when I was 6 years old in 1986 when watching Transformers The Movie I didn’t know who Stan Bush was. However I loved the song The Touch. In this he remixes it into two versions, and it’s absolutely awesome!!!! The reason why these remixes happened is because the Epic Guitar mix is featured in TF Fall Of Cybertron. Stan has outdone himself, and once again any TF fan should give these a listen. You can get it on iTunes.

#2. 12 Stones – Beneath The Scars

12 Stones are back. I’ve seen Beneath the Scars get a lot of flack. Specifically people saying that they are no longer a Christian Rock Band with this new album. I personally love the album, and it fits in with everything else that they have done. At least since I have been listening to them. All the tracks are awesome. They flow well before Track 1 to Track 2 and so on. Paul McCoy and the guys did another amazing job. I think one of my favorites is the song entitled Psycho. VERY AWESOME!!! I highly recommend this one if you like modern day Rock!!! You get get the album on iTunes.

#1. Christina Aguilera – Lotus

And now let the Lotus RISE!

I’ve been a fan of Christina Aguilera since her debut in 1999. However like Alanis I have been a song cherry picker. Until Lotus, I think it was because of her being on The Voice. I bought this as soon as I could. I love all of the songs. Make The World Move, Sing For Me, and Army Of Me are three of my favorite tracks. XTina has had an amazing comeback with this album. You can get the Deluxe Version on iTunes.

Final Thoughts:

There ya go folks. It has been an interesting year for music for me. At the end of 2011 I wasn’t sure what the hell 2012 was gonna hold in store for me. I originally thought that I was gonna have a hard time coming up with a Top 5 albums list. However as you can see I got it done.  But between The Voice Season 3, and all that awesomeness, plus new albums from a lot of artists that I like 2012 was pretty damn good. I even released a 24 podcast spotlight all about different musical tastes, you can check all those episodes out here.  I’m hoping that 2013 will hold even more musical awesomeness.

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