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Week 4 of The Voice was awesome!! Round 8 of the Blind Auditions was on the agenda this week October 1st, 2012. I was super stoked to see and hear just HOW the coaches were gonna finalize their teams! The teams are all set, and the Battle Rounds are on the horizon. This week also had Best Of The Blind Auditions on Tuesday October 2nd, 2012.

The Blind Auditions Round 8

The Season 3 Blinds close out in Round 8. Each coach wrapped up their team selections with 2 new team members. This means that each coach has a team of 16 artists. That’s 64 artists all together in Season 3 of The Voice.

Team Adam:

Caitlin Michelle who sang “Cosmic Love” I’ve said this before, and I will continue to say it. The Voice rturns me onto songs I’ve never heard before. This was one of them. Caitlin has an amazing voice, and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

Kayla Nevarez who sang “American Boy” The song fits Kayla’s voice, again this is another NEW song for me, as I have never heard it before. Very cool, and very subtle tune as Kayla sings it.

Team Blake:

Nicole Johnson who sang “Mr. Know It All” A Kelly Clarkson choice, that was amazing coming out of Nicole’s vocal range. It was slightly country-fied and I liked that, can’t wait to hear more from Nicole.

Rudy Parris who sang “Every Breath You Take” Rock-untry, Count-ock, I dunno. However Rudy Parris was amazing singing the classic Police song. He even looks a bit like Meatloaf to me. I’d love to see him take on a Meat song! LOL !

Team CeeLo:

Cody Belew who sang “Hard To Handle” Cody… where do I begin with this guy? “Did you hit it? holy shi*beep*” I will say Cody gave the censors a run for their money with his reaction. Plus it seemed to be the mmost excited reaction of Season 3’s Blinds! His rendition of the classic Otis Redding song was absolutely amazing.

Chevonne who sang “Brass In Pocket” A Pretenders song, very awesome. Chevonne has a ton of range, and a powerful voice. Really enjoyed this performance.

Team Christina:

Nathalie Hernandez who sang “White Horse” A Taylor Swift selection, and Nathalie knocked it outta the park. Very awesome!

Celica Westbrook who sang “A Thousand Years”  Very interesting song selection, as I’ve never heard of the original artist. Then again I do not pay attention to anything that hsa to do with the Twilight saga. But Celica has an amazing boice, and can’t wait to hear what else she sings.

Best Of The Blind Auditions

The Blind Auditions are over, and Tusday night from 8-9pm eastern time, NBC ran “Best Of The Blind Auditions” This gave us a recap of each coaches team members, and also showed us behind the scenes. It was very cool, and we got another sneak peek at the battle rounds. Check out one of the behind the scenes clips here:

Week 4 Final Thoughts:

Season 3’s Blind Auditions were amazing! I have so many favorites, that I can’t just pick one team yet to win it all.

Christina Explains It All – The Voice Battle Rounds

NEW TWISTS IN THE GAME for The Voice Season 3. Battle Rounds are up next, and holy hell is it gonna be exiting!!!! Christina Milian can explain the battle rounds better then I would. So watch the video below.

The Voice Blind Auditions Week 4 Recap

BRING ON THE BATTLE ROUNDS!!!!! This is what excites me about this show, and know with the Steal button, this show has changed forever. I’m also interested to see what and how the knockout rounds will be done. The Blind Auditions were great as I’ve said, but Bring on the Battles!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be doing a separate blog about my favorites out of Season 3’s Blind Auditions, so make sure you check that out.

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