The Voice Season 3: The Battle Rounds Week 3

The Voice

This is the final week of The Battle Rounds. Sadly because of the damn final Presidential debate, the Monday night show was only an hour. So within this post you’ll see me write stuff like: “I can’t tell because the battle was cut short” etc etc. I will say that the battles this year in Season 3 have been amazing. Even the artists I didn’t like all did a awesome job!

The Battles Round 5

Team Adam:

A Battle Between: Brandon Mahone Vs Nicole Nelson

Song Choice was: Aint No Mountain High Enough

This was an amazing battle! I actually got to hear Nicole’s voice this time. When she sang Hallelujah I liked it, but couldn’t really form an opinion on her at first. However with this song she was simply amazing.

Nicole was the winner, with no one stealing Brandon Mahone.

You can get Nicole Nelson’s version of Aint No Mountain high Enough here

Team CeeLo:

A Battle Between: Daniel Rosa Vs Alexis Marceaux

Song Choice was: Adam Lambert’s Whataya Want From Me

I have said it in one of the Blind Audition blogs, I’m no Daniel Rosa fan. I preferred Alexis’s singing over Daniel’s. I’m not familiar with the song either, and come to find out that it’s an American Idol runner up song, ugh. Not a fan!

Daniel Rosa was the winner, with no one stealing Alexis

You can get Daniel Rosa’s version of Whataya Want From Me here

Team Christina:

A Battle Between: Devyn DeLoera Vs MarissaAnn

Song Choice was: En Vogue’s Free Your Mind

THIS WAS THE BATTLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Very awesome that Devyn won, and rqually awesome that Blake used is last Steal to snatch MarissaAnn. Loved their rendition of the song!!!!

Devyn DeLoera was the winner, with MarissaAnn being stolen by Blake Shelton.

You can get Devyn Delorea’s version of Free Your Mind here

You can get MarissaAnn’s version of Free Your Mind here

Battles That We Only Got A Glimpse Of:

A Battle Between: Lauren Allred Vs Brian Scartoucci

Song Choice was: Lady Antebellum’s Need you Now

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… These mini showings of battles do not do the artists justice, and doesn’t allow people to make a honest opinion of them. Out of what I saw I thought Lauren drowned out Brian sadly.

Lauren was the winner, with no one stealing Brian Scartoucci

You can get Lauren Allred’s version of Need You Now here 

A Battle Between: Ryan Jirovec Vs Cassadee Pope

Song Choice was: Gavin DeGraw’s Not Over You

When I heard Cassadee sing Torn in the Blinds, I was a instant fan. Again I know ?I’m coming off as a broken record, but these mini battle viewings do nothing for me. I did buy Cassadee’s song, and really enjoy her performance.

Cassadee was the winner, with no one stealing Ryan Jirovec

You can get Cassadee Pope’s version of Not Over You here

A Battle Between: Joe Kirkland Vs Samuel Mouton

Song Choice was: You Get What You Give by the New Radicals

Even though this was a mini battle, I could really tell that Joe was the winner. This is a rockin song, and Samuel just was too soft with it.

Joe was the winner, with no one stealing Samuel

You can get Joe Kirkland’s version of You Get What You Give here

The Battles Round 6

The final round was just amazing!!!!

Team Blake:

A Battle Between: Kelly Crapa Vs Michaela Paige

Song Choice was: I Hate Myself For Loving You

Again another battle where I prefer the losing contestants version. I felt Kelly out performed Michaela all the way.

Michaela was the winner, with no one stealing Kelly Crapa.

You can get Michaela Paige’s version of I Hate Myself For Loving You here

Team CeeLo:

A Battle Between: Avery Wilson Vs Chevonne

Song Choice was: Titanium

Never heard of the song before, even after doing research on it. However I loved the performance, and the staging that was done. Between all the moves Chevonne was doing and Avery’s dancing at the end it was a very engaging performance.

Avery was the winner, with Christina using her final Steal to nab Chevonne.

You can get Avery Wilson’s version of Titanium here

You can get Chevonne’s version of Titanium here

Team Christina:

A Battle Between: Jordan Pruitt Vs Adriana Louise

Song Choice was: Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold

THE BEST BATTLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Adriana! I love this girl. Her voice is amazing! There is nothing that she can’t sing. I looked early  on in the wikipedia article for The Voice Season 3, and it said the song choice was Perry’s Firwork. I think that would have been an interesting battle between these two knockout artists. However I throughly enjoyed Hot n Cold.

Adriana was the winner, with no one stealing Jordan Pruitt

You can get Adriana Louise’s version of Hot n Cold here

Week 3 Final Thoughts:

As the Battles in Season 3 of The Voice come to a close, I find myself excited for the new aspect of this hit musical talent show. The next round is the Knockout Rounds! I’m very happy that a lot of the artists I throughly enjoy won their battles, and moved on. I am also very sad at a few of the people I wanted to win but didn’t. We’ll have to see what happens next week when The Voice Season 3 KNOCKS YOU OUT!!!!!

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  1. Jordan, Brandon and Brian did not deserve to go home at this stage – not saying they all should have won their battles but they definitely should have been stolen!! (instead of wasting a steal on Chevonne good lord!)

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