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Monday and Tuesday December 17th and 18th was The Voice Season 3 Finals!

 It’s been a three month journey watching and blogging about The Voice Season 3. There have been artists I love, loathe, and tolerate. I truly believe this is the best TV singing competition ever. Season 3 amped it up even more than Season 2, and there were some very interesting characters this year. 

With the start of tonight’s show the cast sang Hallelujah in remembrance of the victims of the shooting in Connecticut. They each held a name card of one of the victims. I thought that this was very nice and respectful that they did this. As per usual there were several non competition performances on Monday you can see them below:

The Voice S3 Finals Monday

Team Blake:

Cassadee Pope sang Faith Hill’s Cry

Cassadee oh Cassadee, I loved the staging that was used for this song. I loved hearing her powerful, yet vulnerable voice on this. Again Cassadee shows you just how she can connect with a lyrics, and the audience.


You can get Cassadee Pope’s version of Cry Here


You can get Cassadee and Blake’s version of Steve McQueen Here


Terry McDermott sang Mr. Mister’s Broken Wings

Terry continues to rock on! This time to one of his son’s favorite songs. I love the spin that Terry has put on all the classic rock songs that he has done. I’m torn between choosing him or Cassadee as my pick to win.


You can get Terry McDermott’s version of Broken Wings here


You can get Terry and Blake’s version of Dude, Looks Like A Lady Here


Team CeeLo:

Nicholas David sang a melody of Jerry Lee Lewis’s Great Balls Of Fire and Jimi Hendrix’s Fire

I gotta say that I really dig Nicholas combining songs, and singing them as a medley together. It was an amazing performance. However I do think this season is either Cassadee’s or Terry’s.


You can get Nicholas David’s version of Great Balls Of Fire/Fire here


You can get Nicholas and Ceelo’s performance of Play That Funky Music here


The Voice S3 Finals Tuesday

On Tuesday night there were more awesome performances as well. I’ve only included video embeds to the ones with the contestants, you can check out NBC The Voice’s YouTube Channel for the others.



Final Thoughts on The Voice Season 3 Finals:

Season 3 of The Voice was amazing. Just like Season 2, I had artists I loved, and artists I couldn’t stand. I’m so glad that Cassadee Pope won the season!!! She has broken out of being in a band, to being a full fledged solo artist. I can’t wait til Cassadee releases an album.

Terry got second and Nicholas third place, I’m happy with these results. I’ll also be on the lookout for anything Terry puts out.

Other artists from Season 3 that I love, and will support in the future are:


Liz Davis

Amanda Brown

Rudy Parris as well as some others. Season 3 had awesome performances, and great guest spots. I’m so looking forward to Season 4!!!

The Coaches Perform Good Riddance Time Of Your Life:


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