The Voice Season 3: The Knockout Rounds Parts 1 & 2

The Voice

Season 3

A BRAND NEW aspect to The Voice! I absolutely love the Knockouts!!!! OK now you are gonna read in this blog that there are winners and losers. Do not take offense to this, that’s the way the knockouts work. The losing artists, I’m sure have things in the future with the music industry. It was just the way I worded it.

Here’s how the Knockouts work:

I was really surprised when this was announced, and I was very excited to see how it would play out. I absolutely love it. I love that in this 2 night part of The Voice, that both nights we get 2 hours of The Voice!!! Everyone gets to shine, whether they win or lose.

Knockut Rounds Night 1

Team Adam:

A Knockout Between: Joselyn Rivera Vs Kayla Nevarez

Joselyn Rivera’s Song Choice was: Love On Top by Beyonce

Kayla Nevarez’s Song Choice was: Shark In The Water by V V Brown

Strange song choice from Kayla, and it goes to show you how important the song choice is. I was more into Joselyn’s performance, and glad she is moving onto the Live Rounds. Joselyn really took her vocals to a new level.

Joselyn  was the winner, Kayla was the loser.

You can get Joselyn Rivera’s version of Love On Top here

A Knockout Between: Joe Kirkland Vs Bryan Keith

Joe Kirkland’s Song Choice was: Taylor Swift’s Mean

Bryan Keith’s Song Choice was: Bryan Adam’s Everything I Do (I Do It For You)

Bryan was clearly the winner in this. His performance was much better. I felt that Joe phoned it in. Plus a Taylor Swift song really?

Bryan Keith  was the winner, Joe Kirkland was the loser.

You can get Bryan Keith’s version of Everything I Do (I Do It For You) here

A Knockout Between: Amanda Brown Vs Michelle Brooks-Thompson

Amanda Brown’s Song Choice was: Paris (Oh La La) by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Michelle Brooks-Thompson’s Song Choice was: Jennifer Hudson’s Spotlight

I’m really getting uaewd to Amanda’s singing, and loved herperformance. i loved her take on the song as well. Michelle also had a great performance. Although i hardly knew the song. Can’t wait to see Amanda Live.

Amanda Brown  was the winner, Michelle Brooks-Thompson  was the loser.

You can get Amanda Brown’s version of Paris (Oh La La) here

A Knockout Between: Loren Allred Vs Nicole Nelson

Loren Allred’s Song Choice was: You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse

Nicole Nelson’s Song Choice was: If I Aint Got You by Alicia Keys

I sadly missed this one as it aired, but I did see it online. Finally we got to see Loren’s singing, instead of being cutoff in a snipet of a spotlight.

Loren Allred was the winner, Nicole Nelson was the loser.

You can get Loren Allred’s version of You Know I’m No Good here

A Knockout Between: Melaine Martinez Vs Sam James

Melaine Martinez’s Song Choice was: La Roux’s Bulletproof

Sam James’s Song Choice was: Walking In Mephis

Sam  James should have won this damnit. Melaine’s voice is too unique, and she is essentially an indie artist. She sadly reminds me of Season 2 artist Erin Martin. Who also had too much of a unique voice.

Melaine Martinez was the winner, Sam James was the loser.

You can get Melaine Martinez’s version of Bulletproof here

 Team CeeLo:

A Knockout Between: Avery Wilson Vs Cody Belew

Avery Wilson’s Song Choice was: Chris Brown’s Yeah 3x

Cody Belew’s Song Choice was: Jolene by Dolly Parton

I’m not a Chris Brown fan, and I’ve barely heard any of his songs. It seemed as if Avery was talking the song through, not singing it. Whereas Cody sang his lungs out. Really enjoy Cody’s voice.

Cody Belew was the winner, Avery Wilson was the loser.

You can get Cody Belew’s version of Jolene here

A Knockout Between: MacKenzie Bourg Vs Daniel Rosa

MacKenzie Bourg’s Song Choice was: Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe

Daniel Rosa’s Song Choice was: Taylor Swift’s Back To December

I’m not a fan of either of these artists, but I honestly would have chosen Daniel Rosa over the Bourg. I thought Daniel sang very well, and Mackenzie was just meh.

Mackenzie Bourg was the winner, Daniel Rosa was the loser.

You can get Mackenzie Bourg’s version of Call Me Maybe here

A Knockout Between: Terisa Griffin Vs Trevin Hunte

Terisa Griffin’s Song Choice was: Whitney Houston’s version of Saving All My Love For You

Trevin Hunte’s Song Choice was: Phil Collins’s Against All Odds

This was a heartbreaking choice for CeeLo to have to make. I loved both performances. Jermaine Paul from Season 2 also sang Against All Odds, so I’ll have to compare Trevin’s version to that, to see what they are like. I still wish we could buy the losing artist’s tracks. Terisa knocked it outta the park. Trevin’s performance was very emotional, and I loved that about it.

Trevin Hunte was the winner, Terisa Griffin was the loser.

You can get Trevin Hunte’s version of Against All Odds here 

A Knockout Between: Mycle Wastman Vs Nicholas David

Nicholas David ‘s Song Choice was: Connie Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On

Mycle Wastman’s Song Choice was: Elton John’s Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Again another battle where I wanted the loser to win. I liked Nicholas David’s version of She’s Gone, but didn’t care for his song choice here. I really enjoyed Mycle Wastman’s version of the Elton John Classic!

Nicholas David was the winner, Mycle Wastman was the loser.

You can get Nicholas David ‘s version of Put Your Records On here

A Knockout Between: Caitlin Michele Vs Diego Val

Caitlin Michele’s Song Choice was: Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life

Diego Val’s Song Choice was: Lenny Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My Way

Diego Val sings Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My Way… I think I prefer Season 2’s Jamar Rogers’ version better. I’ll admit I’m not a Diego Val fan, and I think Caitlin did a better job here.

Diego Val was the winner, Caitlin Michele was the loser.

You can get Diego Val’s version of Are You Gonna Go My Way here


Knockout Rounds Night 2

The Knockouts night 2! This was the night I was most looking forward to. Team Blake Vs Team Xtina!!!! Both of these teams each have two artists I absolutely love. The knockouts on this night, were absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Team Christina:

A Knockout Between: Alessandra Guercio Vs Dez Duron

Alessandra Guercio’s Song Choice was: Take A Bow by Rihanna

Dez Duron’s Song Choice was: Stuck On You by Lionel Richie

I love Alessandra’s voice, but not into the song at all. She did a great performance, but I had no connection to the song choice. Dez on the other hand, loved his rendition of the Lionel Richie classic!!!!!

Dez  was the winner, Alessandra was the loser.

You can get Dez Duron’s version of Stuck On You here 

A Knockout Between: Chevonne Vs De’Borah

De’Borah’s Song Choice was: The Fray’s You Found Me

Chevonne’s Song Choice was: Generation X’s Dancing With myself

For those that have been keeping up with my blogs on Season 3 of The Voice, you’ll know I’m NOT a De’Borah fan. I wish Chevonne had won this, her song was wayyyy better.

De’Borah  was the winner, Chevonne was the loser.

You can get De’Borah’s version of You Found Me here

A Knockout Between: Aquile Vs Sylvia Yacoub

Sylvia Yacoub’s Song Choice was: Christina Aguilera’s Fighter

Aquile’s Song Choice was: Bruno Mars’s Grenade

I was surprised that Aquile din’t pick something different for a song. I’ve never heard Grenade before his performance. He sang it well, just thought he might have gone with a different song. Sylvia I did not like in the early rounds of Season 3. However her rendition of Fighter is amazing! Am I a fan of hers, because of this one song, nah not really. She did do a great job though. Again as the coaches say, it all depends on song choice.

Sylvia Yacoub  was the winner, Aquile was the loser.

You can get Sylvia Yacoub’s version of Fighter here

A Knockout Between: Adriana Louise Vs Celica Westbrook

Adriana Louise’s Song Choice was: Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone

Celica Westbrook’s Song Choice was: Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never

Adriana could take this thing all the way. She was awesome tonight! Ever since she stepped onto the Blind Audition stage, I was a fan. Celica did a good job, and I understand why she chose the song she did, I just didn’t care for it though.

Adriana Louise was the winner, Celica Westbrook was the loser.

You can get Adriana Louise’s version of Already Gone here

A Knockout Between: Devyn DeLoera Vs Laura Vivas

Devyn DeLoera’s Song Choice was: I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston

Laura Vivas’s Song Choice was: I Need To Know by Marc Anthony

Just as I said with Adriana, with Devyn I was a fan of hers as soon as I heard her. Devyn absolutely rocked it tonight with a Whitny Houston song. Laura, I never saw her in the previous rounds, if I did it was on the nights that there were those brief previews. Plus I didn’t think she sang the song so well. I felt she was more focussed on the salsa dancing.

Devyn DeLoera was the winner, Laura Vivas was the loser.

You can get Devyn DeLoera‘s version of I Have Nothing here

Team Blake:

A Knockout Between: Julio Cesar Castillo Vs MarissaAnn

Julio Cesar Castillo’s Song Choice was: Somebody To Love by Justin Bieber

MarissaAnn’s Song Choice was: Lady Marmalade

MarissaAnn should have taken this. I understand Blake is invested in Julio, but I felt MarissaAnn stepped up to the plate, and knocked it outta the park. I’ve never cared for Mariachi singing, so I guess that’s why I’m not a fan of Julio.

Julio Cesar Castillo was the winner, MarissaAnn was the loser.

You can get Julio Cesar Castillo’s version of Somebody To Love here

A Knockout Between: Colin McLoughlin Vs Michaela Paige

Michaela Paige’s Song Choice was: Love is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar

Colin McLoughlin’s Song Choice was: Breakeven (Falling To Pieces) by The Script

I have never heard of the song Colin sang. Again I must say that I had no connection to it at all. As far as Michaela, I’ve not been a fan of hers in the competition. However I must say that this song was very well performed. I really am glad that Michaela is moving on.

Michaela Paige was the winner,Colin McLoughlin was the loser.

You can get Michaela Paige’s version of Love Is A Battlefield here

A Knockout Between: Rudy Parris Vs Terry McDermott

Terry McDermott’s Song Choice was: Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney

Rudy Parris’s Song Choice was: Forever by Chris Brown

OK Terry’s choice I get, and loved it. However Rudy, man, what the hell are you smokin? You are a country rocker, pick something that means more. A Chris Brown song really? UGH!

Terry was the winner, Rudy was the loser.

You can get Terry McDermott’s version of Maybe I’m Amazed here

A Knockout Between: Cassadee Pope Vs Suzanna Choffel

Cassadee Pope’s Song Choice was: Payphone by Maroon 5

Suzanna Choffel’s Song Choice was: Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley and The Wailers

I really liked Suzanna in the earlier rounds, but this song choice was just too weird for me. I honestly love it when the contestants decide to do a coach’s song. Cassadee singing Payphone was awesome, and I’m glad she won.

Cassadee Pope was the winner, Suzanna Choffel was the loser.

You can get Cassadee Pope’s version of Payphone here

A Knockout Between: Gracia Harrison Vs Liz Davis

Gracia Harrison’s Song Choice was: I Don’t Wanna miss A Thing by Aerosmith

Liz Davis’s Song Choice was: Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

This was another battle that I was super stoked for. I felt that Gracia attempting to step out of that country spotlight was a wrong choice. There are just some people who can’t sing Aerosmith stuff. Now Liz on the other hand, WOW loved her rendition of Gunpowder and Lead! It was soooo awesome!!!!!

Liz Davis was the winner, Gracia Harrison was the loser.

You can get Liz Davis’s version of Gunpowder and Lead here

Knockouts Week Final Thoughts:

With the Battle Rounds, I see those as a wrestling match. The NEW Knockout Rounds, I see as a boxing match! My top four favorite artists from Season 3, all made it to the LIVE Playoffs. I’m very excited about that. The LIVE Plyoffs next week are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. This is because Tuesday is Election Day/night. I am glad they won’t be interrupting my favorite singing show. So the M,W,Thursday airings make sense. Yay! Live Playoffs next week!!!!

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One Comment

  1. My Thoughts:

    Joselyn Rivera Vs Kayla Nevarez — I think Joselyn rightfully won this one but I really liked Kayla as well

    Joe Kirkland Vs Bryan Keith – I Really like Joe’s version of Taylor Swift’s ‘Mean’ and was pleasantly surprised by that – He just ran into a buzz saw because Everything I do perfectly fits Bryan Keith’s voice! Another one where I liked both of them

    Amanda Brown Vs Michelle Brooks-Thompson- I thought they both were decent, not my cup of tea but I can see why Amanda won here

    Loren Allred Vs Nicole Nelson – neither of these two will go very far but both are good singers

    Melaine Martinez Vs Sam James – I really liked Sam James up until this point – that was the worst rendition of Walking in Memphis I have ever heard! Melanie won this one EASILY!

    Avery Wilson Vs Cody Belew – Avery fucked up big time on this one – he was one of the front-runners in this whole thing and I can’t believe he exited so early but that was a real bad song choice!

    MacKenzie Bourg Vs Daniel Rosa – Daniel had a good story and what not but his time was up here – Bourg is a better artist, writer and singer

    Terisa Griffin Vs Trevin Hunte – Both were phenomenal but Trevin was the easy pick here

    Mycle Wastman Vs Nicholas David – wished both of them could have gone on – but if I had to pick one I would have picked Nicholas

    Caitlin Michele Vs Diego Val – they both could have gone home for all I care – but Diego was the winner in my book too


    Alessandra Guercio Vs Dez Duron – Both are amazing – I would have picked Alessandra but way to ensure you eliminate one of your best people christina, aka idiot

    Chevonne Vs De’Borah – Both are annoying at times but De’Borah is WAY better as a singer than awful Chevonne!

    Aquile Vs Sylvia Yacoub – Way to fuck up again Christina – Sylvia cannot sustain a note if her life depended on it – you just like her cause she is a ‘power singer’ even if she is a bad power singer! Aquile had potential to win this thing so again way to fuck up your team Christina!

    Adriana Louise Vs Celica Westbrook – Adriana was the easy winner here

    Devyn DeLoera Vs Laura Vivas – um duh – Devyn wins!!

    Julio Cesar Castillo Vs MarissaAnn – MarissaAnn has more potential but neither will go far!

    Colin McLoughlin Vs Michaela Paige – I liked Colin better and HOW HAVE YOU NOT HEAR ‘FALLIN TO PIECES’ Mike!!!! Great song!! – They both deserved to move on in my opnion

    Rudy Parris Vs Terry McDermott – I actually thought Rudy was going to do something amazing with that song but he bombed completely!

    Cassadee Pope Vs Suzanna Choffel – I would have picked Cassadee over EVERY single person in the competition so yea – she wins!

    Gracia Harrison Vs Liz Davis – I like parts of both of them – but Liz has the presence over Gracia

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