The Voice Season 3: The Live Top 10 Performances and Results

The Voice

Season 3

Monday and Tuesday November 19th and 20th was The Top 10 Performances and Results. I really enjoyed the songs this week. I do think there are several weak links in the chain, but overall really loved the song choices this week.

On night one Christina and Blake sang their duet from Lotus Just A Fool to kick off the night!

Team Adam:

Amanda Brown sang Grace Potter’s Stars

Amanda was awesome this week. She did an amazingly emotional type song. I really enjoyed it, even though I don’t know the song that well.

You can get Amanda Brown’s version of Stars here

Bryan Keith sang Billy Joel’s New York State Of Mind

Bryan again has brought you closer to himself. With singing this Billy Joel classic, Bryan has done an amazing job!! He expresses his love for his city in the song, and I really liked it.

You can get Bryan Keith’s version of New York State Of Mind here

Melanie Martinez sang The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army

This is a  ROCKERS song! Melanie should not have sung it!!! I like that she has put twists on every song she has performed. However as she herself said, she is a quiet singer. It should have been a different song choice. I think this was taking her out of her comfort zone wayy to far.

You can get Melanie Martinez’s version of Seven Nation Army here

Team Blake:

Cassadee Pope sang Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Over You

This was the performance of the night! Just the emotion behind this song, and the story of where it came from really moved me. Cassadee singing this was just another great step in her winning Season 3!!! She was simply amazing, and it showed us her more softer side.

You can get Cassadee Pope’s version of Over You Here

Terry McDermott sang Bryan Adams’s Summer Of ’69

Terry continues his ascension to being a rock god. He has such a stage presence, it’s so awesome. i can’t wait, just as the coaches said til he makes his own music.

You can get Terry McDermott’s version of Summer Of ’69 here

Team CeeLo:

Cody Belew sang Beyonce’s Crazy In Love

Cody can do no wrong! This was an amazing song choice, and a superb performance!!!!!

You can get Cody Belew’s version of Crazy In Love here

Nicholas David sang Bill Withers’s Lean On Me

This was a very unique rendition of the record! I really enjoyed it, and outside the original, I’d only heard the DC Talk version before this. Nicholas did a great job!

You can get Nicholas David’s version of Lean On Me here

Trevin Hunte sang Usher’s Scream

I understand that Trevin wanted to show people that he was 18, and can have fun. However there are many other songs to do that with. Up until now he has been the “ballad boy” Which is all kinds of awesome, but I think that this was the wrong song for him to sing.

You can get Trevin Hunte’s version of Scream Here

Team Christina:

Sylvia Yacoub sang Alicia Keys’s Girl On Fire

Sylvia did an am,azing job singing a song that HASN’T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET!!! OK well the album isn’t out, but the single is. I agree that the song fit Slyvia, but for those of us that aren’t up on Alicia Keys’s releases, how are we supposed to know the differences between this version, and the original. I just can’t get behind singing a  nearly BRAND NEW song!!!

You can get Sylvia Yacoub’s version of Girl On Fire here

Dez Duron sang the Michael Buble version of Feeling Good

I’ve been a fan of Dez since the Blinds here in Season 3. He was the final performer of the night. While I thought the performance was great, I didn’t recognize the song at all. It was a great way to end the night!!!!!

You can get Dez Duron’s version of Feeling Good here

The Results are in!

Before we get to the results there were three performances tonight. Rascall Flatts performed their song Changed, The Top 10 performed Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Christina and her team performed her song Let There Be Love, and Team Adam performed the Queen Classic Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I liked all the non competing performances, although I’m no Rascall Flats fan, I just can’t get into them. The rest were amazing.

Yes that’s right! Tuesday night was results night on The Voice. Surprisingly Cassadee Pope’s version of Over You made it to #1 in the iTunes charts!!! So awesome. I still can’t believe America saved Melanie, I just can’t see her as a mainstream artist. Granted that’s not what The Voice is for, but in general the point of singing competitions like this, is to give someone their big break. In my personal opinion, Melanie Martinez is not that breakout artist. I hate when any singing show attempts to create a Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.

Being eliminated tonight were Bryan Keith and Sylvia Yacoub. I’m perfectly happy seeing Sylvia go home, but I think Bryan should have been saved, and Melanie sent home.

Final Thoughts On The Top 10 Performances and Results:

Overall the Top 10 performances were great, sure I have my favorites, and ones I can’t stand. However all in all it was a great two nights of The Boice on NBC. I can’t wait to see what the song choices are for the Top 8 next week.

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  1. What’s the “Boice” hahaha – Also, any way you can make those graphics that show all the contestants a smidge bigger?

    Not familiar with Michael Buble music!!! You are dead to me!!! The judges were right here – this was the single best night of performances I can ever remember on any season of this show…AMAZING!!

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