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The Voice

Season 3

This week was the Top 12 Live Performances, and then the results from that. I am not sure if I have said this in any of my previous The Voice Season 3 blogs, but I love hearing the covers of songs that I might not have known before. Hearing the contestants sing these songs, makes me want to seek out the originals.

On Results night there were Team performances! Throughout the night we had Team CeeLo and Team Blake singing classics!!! The night kicked off with Christina Aguilera’s new single Make The World Move featuring CeeLo Green

Team CeeLo Sang Stayin’ Alive

Team Blake Sang Life Is A Highway

Top 12 Live Performances:

Team Adam:

Amanda Brown sang Florence and the Machine’s Spectrum (Say My Name)

Again a very powerful performance this week from Amanda. I knew nothing of this song, so I wasn’t that into it. However I did like what Amanda was able to accomplish with it.

You can get Amanda Brown’s version of Spectrum here

Bryan Keith sang Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black

Really enjoted this, and Bryan keeps on impressing. I had no idea of the songs origin, until I looked it up. I love how The Voice is able to make songs work for either male or female artists, no matter who the original artist was.

You can get Bryan Keith’s version of Back To Black here

Melanie Martinez sang Young the Giant’s Cough Syrup

I will say that this was the most emotional performance out of Melanie all season. Still not a huge fan of her style, but she gave a powerful performance

You can get Melanie Martinez’s version of Cough Syrup here

Team Blake:

Cassadee Pope sang Kelly Clarkson’s Behind These Hazel Eyes

WOW Cassadee continues to WOW me!!!! She has amazing range, and can hit an extremely high note! Very awesome, and the backstory behind when she wanted to sing this song touched my heart.

You can get Cassadee Pope’s version of Behind These Hazel Eyes Here

Michaela Paige sang Pink’s Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

FINALLY she took the mohawk down, I do like the overall appearance of Michaela this week. The song was good too, but just couldn’t get into it.

You can get Michaela Paige’s version of Blow Me (One Last Kiss) here

Terry McDermott sang Boston’s More Than A Feeling

I like that Terry is sticking to being the Rocker, and that Blake endorses this from him. Such a great cover of an amazing song. Can’t wait to see what other rockin songs Terry will have in store for us!

You can get Terry McDermott’s version of More Than A Feeling here

Team CeeLo:

Cody Belew sang Tina Turner’s version of The Best

Cody is amazing! Every time I see him, I see a 21st Century George Michael singer. His range is just so wide spanning, and the vocals were great. Absolutely loved the performance once again.

You can get Cody Belew’s version of The Best here

Nicholas David sang Huey Lewis and the News’s Power Of Love

Nicholas David really goes for the classics, just as Terry McDermott goes for the rock and roll. Nicholas did an amazing job with this memorable Huet Lewis song!!!!

You can get Nicholas David’s version of Power of Love here

Trevin Hunte sang PercySledge’s When A Man Loves A Woman

POWERFUL performances seem to be ruling the night of the Top 12! Trevin has done an amazing job once again in this rendition.

You can get Trevin Hunte’s version of When a Man Loves a Woman Here

Team Christina:

Sylvia Yacoub sang Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On

This might be the cynic in me, but I HAVE NEVER liked this song. It was good in Titanic for the scenes it was used in the film, outside of it, I see the song as very depressing. Sylvia did a great job with it, but she almost mimicked Celine’s tones, and I just wasn’t feeling it.

You can get Sylvia Yacoub’s version of My Heart Will Go On here

Dez Duron sang the Lauryn Hill Version of Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Dez!!!! Dez was very soulful this week, and as the coaches said I think that this fits him. This style of singing really works for the superstar that Dez Duron will be.

You can get Dez Duron’s version of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You here

Adriana Louise sang Carrie Underwood’s Good Girl

 The performance of the night was Adriana Louise’s rendition of Good Girl. This was my personal favorite. As I said in the intro to this blog, what I love about The Voice is that it turns me onto songs I never knew. While I liked Carrie Underwood, I didn’t know about this song. Adriana hit it outta the park yet again!!!!!!

You can get Adriana Louise’s version of Good Girl here

On Results night there were moments of joy and sorrow. I’ll say right now I was actively voting up until 10am eastern Tuesday morning. I voted for the following artists by phone, buying their song on iTunes, and on the NBC Website. Cody, Terry, Cassadee, Bryan, Dez, and Adriana.

As the night went on I had a bit of dread in my heart, because Carson would never say Adriana’s name as being saved. Sadly this came true, because at the end of the night Adriana was one of the two eliminated. The other one was Michaela, and I’m fine with that. I just couldn’t believe America saved Melanie. Not to beat a dead horse here, but if you have been reading my blogs on The Voice Season 3, you’ll know I’m no fan of hers. I felt Adriana gave the stronger performance, and as I stated in previous blogs, Melanie’s style, while marketable is too unique. You need someone like Adriana, Cassadee, Dez, Amanda, Terry, Bryan, and so on to be that superstar radio sensation.

Top 12 Performances and Results Final Thoughts: 

I loved all the Team and other preformances this week. I thought the Make The World Move number was great. Honestly I skipped the Jason Aldean song, hence why it is not embedded in this post. I’m looking forward to the Top 10 episodes next week. Right now my faves out of the artists that remain are: Cassadee, Terry, Dez, Cody, Bryan, and depending on what she sings Amanda! Bring on the Top 10!!!

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