The Voice Season 3: The Live Top 8 Performances and Results

The Voice

Season 3

Monday and Tuesday November 26th and 27th was The Top 8 Performances and Results. I liked maybe 3 out of the 8 performances. It just wasn’t a night of songs that I knew. Now normally I’d be open minded to the song choices, but tonight just wasn’t the night.

Before we get started there were three group performances. The first was the debut of 50 Cent’s My Life, which featured Adam Levine.

Next up was Cassadee Pope, Dez Duron, Melanie Martinez, and Terry McDermott singing The All American Rejects song move Along

The last performance on Monday was Amanda Brown, Nicholas David, Cody Belew, and Trevin Hunte singing Journey’s Any Way You Want It.


Team Adam:

Amanda Brown sang Adele’s Someone Like You

I understand what Amanda was going for here, but even her “Rock” version of the song is good, but not my thing at all.

You can get Amanda Brown’s version of Someone Like You here

Melanie Martinez sang Alex Clare’s Too Close

Just not into Melanie at all. None of the songs she has sung have impressed me. OK Hit The Road Jack I liked, and bought it, but other then that, still not a fan of her style. Mycle Wastman’s version was better.

You can get Melanie Martinez’s version of Too Close here

Team Blake:

Cassadee Pope sang Michelle Branch’s Are You Happy Now

Cassadee oh Cassadee, again this was my favorite performance of the night. Last week Cassadee poured her heart out. This week she gets saucy, and snarky, with the michelle Branch song. It was sooooo awesome, as I’ve said in the last few blogs, Cassadee is easily a top contender to win this Season!

You can get Cassadee Pope’s version of Are You Happy Now Here

Terry McDermott sang Blake Shelton’s Over

Terry continues his ascension to being a rock god. He has such a stage presence, it’s so awesome. i can’t wait, just as the coaches said til he makes his own music.

You can get Terry McDermott’s version of Over here

Team CeeLo:

Cody Belew sang Queen’s Somebody To Love

Cody once again has outdone himself. A very interesting choice doing a Queen cover, but I really liked it.

You can get Cody Belew’s version of Somebody To Love here

Nicholas David sang Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On

Nicholas once again has embraced the soulful classics! Really enjoyed this week’s performance, and I love how his song choices are keyed into classically soulful, and popular songs all at the same time.

You can get Nicholas David’s version of What’s Going On here

Trevin Hunte sang Whitney Houston’s version of The Greatest Love Of All

Thankfully Trevin went back to singing a song that meant something to him this week. I really enjoyed his performance of this. He really was one of the standouts tonight.

You can get Trevin Hunte’s version of The Greatest Love Of All Here

Team Christina:

Dez Duron sang Justin Bieber’s U Smile

So far in Season 3 I have become accustomed to being open minded about a Katy Perry song being sung, or whatever. I do have to say that Dez singing Bieber, he made it better. I liked the song overall, I’m  just not sure if singing this popular of a song will help him. I truly hope it does, but I’m just not sure.

You can get Dez Duron’s version of U Smile here

The Results are in!

There were several performances on Results night as well.

Four Performances in total. You’ve got CeeLo teaming up with Kermit The Frog, to sing Bein’ Green! Amanda and Trevin teamed up to sing Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night, Terry, Melanie, Cody, and Nicholas teamed up on The Plain White T’s Rhythm Of Love, and the final team up was  Cassadee and Dez teaming up to sing  the Rihanna and Jay-Z duet  Hate That I Love You

Well another week, and I’m still pissed that America still keeps Melanie Martinez in the competition. Dez Duron and Cody Belew were the two eliminated tonight. I’m very happy that Cassadee and Terry are moving forward, and right now I’m pulling for a Team Blake win. I just feel that there were other artists already eliminated that had tons more talent then Melanie.

I did very much enjoy the Muppets on The Voice in the Results show, I thought that was very cool.

Final Thoughts Top 8 Week:

As I said above, right now I’m pulling for a Team Blake win. Terry and Cassadee are my top two favorites left in the competition. None of the songs that Trevin, Melanie or Amanda have been doing are catching my ear at all. As far as Nicholas goes, again depends on the song, but in general not a huge fan of his. I don’t dislike him, but you have be in that kinda soulful state of mind to hear him sing I think. So next week we see the Top 6!!!!

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  1. I agree with about half of what you say. I should have chimed in earlier but I knew for weeks now that Team Xtina and Team Adam had no chance of winning this year. The winner was always going to be from either Team Blake or Team Cee-Lo!

    Not sure why you hate Melanie so much…I think they have basically gotten it right so far ever since America started voting with the lone exception being Sylvia making it further than Adriana…couldn’t stand Sylvia!!!!

    To me right now its a two-person race. Don’t get me wrong I like Terry and Nicholas a lot but Trevin or Cassadee are winning it this year!

    Cassadee has been my favorite since the first time she auditioned and she just keeps getting better. She’s definitely the complete package and she better freaking win!!!!

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