The Voice Season 3: The Semi-Finals and Results

The Voice

Season 3

Monday and Tuesday December 10th and 11th was The Top 6 Performances and Results.

I have to admit, I was totally not interested in the semi finals this week. I have no idea what was wrong with me. I’d just gotten back from my trip up to Massachusetts, and had been riding in a car for 2 days. This has been the first time ever since watching The Voice, that I just didn’t care for the Monday night show. I slept through half it, however I have gone back on YouTube and watched the performances. As per usual there were several non competition performances on both Monday and Tuesday, you can see those below:

Team Blake:

Cassadee Pope sang Keith Urban’s version of Stupid Boy

Up to this point Cassadee has excelled at every song that she has performed! Maybe I just didn’t know this song well enough to connect with it, but I wasn’t that interested. I’m not saying Cassadee did a bad job at all. Far from it, I just had no connection to the song.

You can get Cassadee Pope’s version of Stupid Boy Here 

Terry McDermott sang The Beatles’ Let It Be

Throughout Season 3, as soon as Terry kicked ass in the Blinds, I’ve been a fan of his. Once again this week he continues to rock out. Plus picking a Beatles tune, that was awesome!!! I am not sure if any of the previous seasons’ artists have done anything by The Beatles. I can’t remember, but Terry did a great job once again.

You can get Terry McDermott’s version of Let It Be here 

Team CeeLo:

Nicholas David sang Joe Cocker’s version of You Are So Beautiful

I gotta say I’m coming around to Nicholas’s style. I think it is because the recent song choices are dedicated to his wife and kids. Just like Cassadee Nicholas can tap into lyrics, and make you really feel the words of the song. He was so drained after such an amazing performance!


You can get Nicholas David’s version of You Are So Beautiful here


Trevin Hunte sang Bette Midler’s version of Wind Beath My Wings

I know the show is called The Voice, but honestly I hate Trevin’s speaking voice. I know that has nothing to do with his obvious talent, but still. I think he did great on the song, but I’m just not a fan of his style.

You can get Trevin Hunte’s version of Wind Beneath My Wings Here 


Terry, Cassadee, and Nicholas are the TOP THREE!!!!! I was very happy that both Team Blake members made it to next week’s show. I was very unsure of which Team CeeLo member would get that third advancement. Honestly it could have been either Nicholas or Trevin, I didn’t really care. As long as either Terry or Cassadee win, I’ll be happy.

Final Thoughts on The Semi Finals:

As I said in the beginning of this blog, I wasn’t that into the semis. I do contend that it was because I was damn tired from the trip I’d just been on. I’m very happy that Cassadee and Terry are moving on.

The Voice S3 Top 3

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  1. Yea, next time make sure you are rested up before the show because this was a GREAT show! And for the record, Stupid Boy is a great song! :) I predicted this one based on this week’s performances so there was no surprise results wise, once again America got it right

    1. I have no real issue with Stupid Boy. I was never exposed to it, so again as I’ve stated before this show turns me onto music I’ve not heard before. 

      Yeah the whole trip kinda screwed me up as far as being awake and aware. Stupid traveling! 

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