The Voice Season 3: The Teams!

The Voice

Season 3

With The Blind Auditions done, the teams are set! There are 64 total contestants in Season 3 of The Voice. That means each team has 16 members! Here I’ll break down the teams, and give my thoughts on them overall.

Team Adam:

Adam Levine lead singer of Maroon 5 has chosen a great team of artists to work with. I find that Adam has chosen a team this year of rockers and soulful voices. I’m excited to see what his team members do.

Team Adam breaks down very nicely. Right now my three favorites are Brian Scartocci, Benji, and Kayla Nevarez. I do also like Bryan Keith and Alessandra Guercio.

Here is a Team Adam Group shot:

Team Blake:

Blake Shelton, the country guy. Blake has put together a very country team in Season 3. I remember watching Season 2, and Blake was very diverse. It seems that this year he’s goin all out country. I have no issues with this, and can’t wait to see what a lot of his artists will do.

The Blakedown of Team Blake is like this….. HOT Chicks! Seriously though, between Season 2 and Season 3, I’ve liked Blakes Team members the best. Charlie Rey intrigues me, as does Terry McDermott and Rudy Parris. I swear Rudy is another Meatloaf! Instant favorites from Team Blake for me were and are, 2Steel Girls, Liz Davis, and Cassandra Pope. Can’t wait to see what those artists do. I do also like Suzanna Choffel, as for the rest of team Blake for me it will depend on the song selection.

Here’s a Team Blake group shot:

Team CeeLo:

CeeLo Green seems to be the unique and diversifier this Season. He has a collection of voices that are very individual, and that is just awesome.

For me Team CeeLo is kinda iffy. I do like some of his artists, but not all. My favorites include, DOMO, Avery Wilson, Mycle Westman, Emily Earle, and Cody Belew. The rest are wait and see on song selection. I do think that my favorites will go very far, and I’m super excited to see what the future battles, and song selections will be.

Here’s a group shot of

Team Christina:

 Christina Aguilera a pop goddess in her own right! Team XTine is made up of mostly female singers this year! Christina has embraced the pop roots and gone for a lot of pop rockin type stuff. I think, but I can’t be for sure that I am all the way in for Christina to win this year. I know that I just said earlier that I don’t have one team I’m backing yet, but looking at Team XTina on a whole, she has some of my favorite artists.

 Christina has an all pop team it seems like in Season 3. She has 12 female artists, not counting the husband and wife duo of Beat Frequency. That leaves her with 3 males. So girl power is in the house!!!!! As stated above Team XTina has probably most of my favorite contestants in Season 3. Between Adriana, Jordan, Devyn, and Lisa those would be my picks for the women. As for the men I do like Aquile, and I can’t wait to see what stuff Beat Frequency will do.

Here’s a group shot of Team XTina!

Final Thoughs on The Teams!

Each team has artists I like, and don’t like. I think at the moment of this writing that I am a Team XTina fan! The Steal Button in Battle rounds will be an game changer!!!! Between Seasons 2 and 3 of The Voice for me it’s like BRING IT ON ALREADY!!! Blind Auditions were great, but now I’m excited, and impatient for the battle rounds!!!!!!!

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