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It’s the second week of the Blind Auditions. Read on to see TFG1Mike’s thoughts all about this week’s new artists on The Voice Season 4.

Before I begin this review of week 2, I have to confess with The Voice and Dallas being on the same night, I am more focussed on Dallas at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Voice, but I can catch up online the next day. In the second week of the hit NBC’s music show, we saw many new artists, and here’s how they break down for me.

The Blind Auditions Round 3

The Voice S4 Premiere The Blind Auditions R3

Monday Night April 1st was Round 3 of The Blind Auditions…

In the third round of the Blinds, there were some amazing voices, and a return from Season 3!!!!

There were six non selected contestants on night one:

Sam Alves who sang “Feeling Good”

He had a good voice, but I didn’t really get into the song. As the coaches said he’s right there, but needs a little more fine tuning.

Sonika Vaid who sang Demi Lovato’s “Give your Heart A Break”

Once again re watching the premiere online they edit the ones that didn’t make the cut. I missed Sonkia’s performance when it was on TV, and after seeing it online, I’m gonna safely say that she wasn’t ready just yet.

Shane Simon who sang Elton John’s “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”

I didn’t really care for his rendition of the song.

JoiStar who sang Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”

This chick has potential, but we’ll have to see it elsewhere

Landon Medvec who sang James Morrison’s “You Give me Something”

I thought that Leah did a damn good job, but as the coaches said she isn’t quite ready yet.

Julie Roberts who sang David Barnes’s “God Gave Me You”

First off, I’ve NEVER heard of the song or the group that originally sang it. However James is the one out of the six that didn’t make it, that I thought should have. His story is just amazing, and his voice is impeccable.

S4 Blinds Week 2 Night 1 Artists Who made a team

Each Coach ended up with a variety of team members by the end of the night. Adam, Shakira, and Usher all got three NEW team members, and blake got two new team members. With the breakdown of night one in week 2, I have to do things a little differently. First off here are the highlighted auditions: 

Shakira Scored J’Sun, Adam got Duncan Kamakana, and Usher won Chelsea M. These hightlighted auditions even happened on the actual airing of the show, it’s not me being lazy. So I’ll be reserving judgement of these three artists until I see more of each of them.

The Voice S4 Team Adam Chair

Team Adam:

Karina Iglesias who sang Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m the Only One”

FIRST off I love the coaches during the performance!!! Blake is so funny… “push your g****** button” he says to Adam. I love how free and fun this season is of The Voice.

OK now onto Karina, I loved the performance, and I could be wrong, but this is the first time I’ve heard a Melissa Etheridge song on The Voice. I love her range, and that high note was fantastic. Can’t wait to see what other power songs she’ll sing.

You can get Karina Iglesias’s version of I’m the Only One Here

Duncan Kamakana who sang Michael Buble’s “Home”

Even though I said I was going to reserve judgement on the highlighted artists, I did preview Duncan’s song on iTunes. I gotta say I really enjoyed his rendition of Home. Even moreso then Charlie Rey’s last year. Duncan has a very country sounding twang to his voice, and that isn’t a bad thing. We’ll have to see what else Adam selects for him to sing.

You can get Duncan Kamakana’s version of Home Here

Warren Stone who sang Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather”

Love this guy. He has wonderful vocals, and the song choice was just amazing. Once again The Voice is turning me onto songs I’d never heard before. I’m very much looking forward to what Warren will do in future rounds.

You can get Warren Stone ‘s version of Colder Weather Here

The Voice S4 Team Blake Chair

Team Blake:

The Swon Brothers (Colton & Zach Swon) who sang Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’s “American Girl”

The Swon Brothers swon the blinds! They will go on swinning, throughout the competition. Blake now has TWO Duos this year THAT IS A VOICE FIRST!!!! I loved the rendition of the song, love how their voices mix and match with each other. Can’t wait to see more of these guys.

You can get The Swon Brothers version of American Girl Here

Holly Tucker sang Billy Joel’s “To Make You Feel My Love”

Holly has a wonderful voice. the song choice was great, and I can’t wait to see what else she does. It’s very awesome to hear a female version of the song.

You can get Holly Tucker ‘s version of To Make You Feel My Love Here

The Voice S4 Team Shakira Chair

Team Shakira:

Garrett Gardner sang The White Stripes’s “Seven Nation Army”

YES YES YES!!!!!! So glad Garrett came back!!!! He killed it on this song, absolutely loved it. Now he is a part of the Voice family, and I’m so pumped to see what he’ll do in the future.

You can get Garrett Gardner’s version of Seven Nation Army Here

J’Sun who sang For the First Time

I did catch the preview on itunes of J’Sun’s performance, and not really into this guy. He did a good job, but the song it just wasn’t my thing.

You can get J’Sun’s version of “For the First Time” Here

Monique Abbadie who sang Shakira’s Loca

I’ve only heard one or two Shakira songs, and this I do not remember being one of them. however monique knocked it outta the park, it was so awesome. I was just kinda hoping she would have pulled out the picture of her and Shakira after the audition.

You can get Monique Abbadie’s version of “Loca” Here

The Voice S4 Team Usher Chair

Team Usher:

Taylor Beckham who sang “I’m Going Down”

LOVED Taylor’s rendition of the song, it wonderful. The coaches are really finding great talent this year.

You can get Taylor Beckham’s version of I’m Going Down Here

Michelle Chamuel who sang “I Kissed A Girl”

The funny thing about watching The Voice since Season 2 is that I find myself liking so many of the different artists’ renditions of Katy Perry songs. What is ironic about this is that I have never bought anything from Perry herself. Michelle’s performance was amazing!!!!

You can get Michelle Chamuel’s version of I Kissed A Girl Here

The Blind Auditions Round 4

The Voice S4 Premiere The Blind Auditions R4

Tuesday Night April 2nd was Round 4 of The Blind Auditions

By the end of there were 2 NEW team members for each coach.

Shakira Scored C. Perkins, Adam got Agina Alvarez, and Blake won Trevor Davis These hightlighted auditions even happened on the actual airing of the show, it’s not me being lazy. So I’ll be reserving judgement of these three artists until I see more of each of them.

There were several non selected contestants on night two:

Betsy Barta who sang Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain”

If you don’t know by now, I’m  SO NOT AN ADELE FAN… I can’t stand her, yet when other people sing her songs, I think they are great. Betsy did a wonderful job, and I wish she would have made a team.

Jewel Anguay who sang Jordan Sparks’s “Battlefield”

I agree with the coaches this was a definite no. She sounded all out of key, and the pitch was all over the place.

Ginette Claudette who sang Alicia Keys’s “No One”

I could get a decent enough grasp of the song from the quick clip they played.

Chris Johnson who sang Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”

This guy sounded really good, and loved the song choice!!!

Night 2 Winners:

S4 Blinds Week 2 Night 2 Artists Who made a team

Team Adam:

Patrick Dodd who sang “Walking In Memphis”

This guy will be THE Terry McDermott of Season 4. LOVED his rendition of the song, and super excited to hear more from him.

You can get Patrick Dodd ‘s version of Walking In Memphis Here

Agina Alvarez who sang Shakira’s “Beautiful Liar”

I liked what I heard for the few moments I heard it. I went back and listened on iTunes, and she has a great voice. It’s gonna be interesting to see what Adam has her sing next.

You can get Agina Alvarez’s version of Beautiful Liar Here

 The Voice S4 Team Blake

Team Blake:

Trevor Davis who sang Andy Grammer’s “Keep Your Head Up”

Again as stated above I’ll need to hear more from Trevor, but from what little on the show I did hear I like him.

You can get Trevor Davis’s version of Keep Your Head Up Here

Savannah Berry sang Taylor Swift’s “Safe & Sound”

I like Savannah’s voice, but not the right song for her I thought. At least for me, it didn’t pull me in. What did pull me in were her incredible vocals. WOW she has a great voice.

You can get Savannah Berry’s version of Safe & Sound Here

The Voice S4 Team Shakira

Team Shakira:

Brandon Roush sang The Beatles “With A Little Help From My Friends”

Hey look at that an artist from Louisville KY! Loved brandon’s rendition of this classic song. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

You can get Brandon Roush ‘s version of With A Little Help From My Friends Here

C. Perkins who sang Ne-Yo’s Because Of You

I’ll have to see what else C. Perkins does in the future. Have I mentioned how I hate the quick wrap ups???

You can get C. Perkins’s version of ” Because Of You ” Here

The Voice S4 Team Usher

Team Usher:

Audrey Karrasch who sang “Price Tag”

After hearing Audrey’s story, I thought that this song was fitting to where she came from, and how music affects her. It was a great performance, and I can’t wait to see more from her in the future.

You can get Audrey Karrasch’s version of Price Tag Here

Orlando Dixon who sang Ne-Yo’s “So Sick”

Orlando has a great voice, I just couldn’t get into the song though. Here’s hoping that I will hear something in the future that I like from him.

You can get Orlando Dixon’s version of So Sick Here

Week 2 Final Thoughts:

Week two of the Blinds was good. There are a FEW standouts, but overall I wasn’t thrilled with the presentation of the episodes. I mean it just feeled rushed on both nights. However the performances for the most part were all very good. There are a few I don’t care about, but there are others that I’ll be routing for throughout the rest of the season. You can watch the performances on The Voice’s YouTube Channel. 

Week 2 the Voice Insider:

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