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Season 4: The Battles

It’s time for Battles!!! Season 4 kicked off into high gear this week, when the Battle rounds returned! This is where you as the viewer will find out whose got it, and who don’t. There were 12 battles between night one and night two of The Battles Week 1. I’ll be breaking down what I thought of each battle. There will also be videos, and links where you can get the artists songs. First though we need to see this:

Battles Press Start:

The Battles Round 1

The Voice S4 Premiere The Battles R1

Round 1 of the Battle Rounds wound up like this: Teams Adam and Blake had two battles each, Teams Shakira and Usher had one battle each. Unlike in my  Season 3 write ups, I’ve included the steals under each performance.

Team Adam:

The Voice S4 Team Adam Chair

A Battle Between Amber Carrington Vs Sasha Allen

Song Choice was: Pink’s Try

This was very interesting, and yet I can’t help but think they both did a great job. Unlike other battles, where I could decide who I like better. This one is a tie for me, and I’m glad that Sasha was stolen.

Amber won the Battle, with Sasha getting Steal Buttons pressed for her by Usher and Shakira. Sasha chose to go with Team Shakira

Get Amber Carrington’s Version of Try Here

Get Sasha Allen’s Version of Try Here

A Battle Between: Judith Hill Vs Karina Iglesias

Song Choice was: It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

I see now why OptimusSolo didn’t care for Karina. Judith clearly sang this song better. Wonder how much longer Karina will last.

Judith won the Battle, with Karina being stolen to Team Shakira

Get Judith Hill’s Version of It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World Here

Get Karina Iglesias’s Version of It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World Here

Team Blake:

The Voice S4 Team Blake Chair

A Battle Between: Holly Tucker Vs Michelle Raitzin

Song Choice was: Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away

Both girls sang very well, but I wasn’t feeling any emotion from Michelle Raitzin. Holly did it so much justice, and had a slightly better stage presence.

Holly won the battle, with Michelle Raitzin being eliminated.

Get Holly Tucker’s Version of Blown Away Here

A Battle Between: The Swon Brothers Vs Christian Porter

Song Choice was: Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down

As they stated in the after the battle video, this really felt like a trio singing. There were times when Christian was singing solo, and i have to say I wasn’t that impressed with his voice. Glad the Swons are the Swinners in this battle.

Get The Swon Brothers’ Version of I Won’t Back Down Here

Team Shakira:

The Voice S4 Team Shakira Chair

A Battle Between: Garrett Gardner Vs J’Sun

Song Choice was: The Heavy’s How You Like Me Now

Was there EVER any doubt? Garrett wins!!!! Yay!!!! Loved his sound on the song, although I do appreciate J’Sun stepping out of his comfort zone. Garrett was just so much better, with the tones and melodic nature of his voice.

Garrett Won the battle, and J’Sun was eliminated.

Get Garrett Gardner’s Version of How You Like Me Now Here

Team Usher:

The Voice S4 Team Usher Chair

A Battle Between: Jess Kellner Vs Taylor Beckham

Song Choice was: Amy Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good

So glad that Blake stole Taylor, but even with that fact I thought Jess was the clear cut winner here. Jess just sang it better.

Jess Kellner won the battle, with Blake stealing Taylor Beckham.

Get Jess Kellner’s Version of You Know I’m No Good Here

Get Taylor Beckham’s Version of You Know I’m No Good Here

The Battles Round 2

The Voice S4 Premiere The Battles R2

Round 2 of the Battle Rounds wound up like this: Teams Blake and Usher had two battles each, and Teams Adam and Shakira had one battle each. Again because of time constraints I understand that they have to “highlight” some stuff. However it sucks! Here are the battles that were highlighted:

Team Adam:

The Voice S4 Team Adam

A Battle Between Warren Stone Vs Michael Austin

Song Choice was: Jason Aldean’s My Kinda Party

Hearing Warren and michael together, I must say I like Warren better. Michael has a great voice, but in this song Warren’s smooth, cool tone is what I liked better out of it.

Warren won the Battle, and Michael was eliminated.

Get Warren Stone’s Version of My Kinda Party Here

Team Blake:

The Voice S4 Team Blake

A Battle Between: Grace Askew Vs Trevor Davis

Song Choice was: Me & Bobby McGee

I can’t really define, or given an opinion here. Because this was one of the highlighted battles. From what I saw on TV, I didn’t care for the song selection, but Grace sang it better.

Grace won the battle, and Trevor was eliminated.

Get Grace Askew’s Version of Me * Bobby McGee Here

A Battle Between: Danielle Bradberry Vs Caroline Glaser

Song Choice was: Corrine Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On

Even though I don’t know the song, these chicks did an amazing job!!! Glad that Caroline got stolen, and is still in the competition. I think pitting the two youngest against each other was smart, but the each have such different voices. I get that the whole point of the battles is to fight to get to the next round. However  didn’t really feel they harmonized well during those parts of the song. The reason being is that their voices are so different.

Danielle won the battle, with both Adam and Usher pushing for the Steal. Caroline chose Team Adam as her new home.

Get Danielle Bradberry’s Version of Put Your Records On Here

Get Caroline Glaser’s Version of Put Your Records On Here

Team Shakira:

The Voice S4 Team Shakira

A Battle Between: Tawnya Reynolds Vs Mark Andrew

Song Choice was: Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain

Highlighted battle, but from what I did see Tawnya did a much better job with the song.

Tawnya Reynolds Won the battle, and Mark Andrew was eliminated.

Get Tawnya Reynolds Version of The Chain Here

Team Usher:

The Voice S4 Team Usher

A Battle Between: Audrey Karrasch Vs Jamila Thompson

Song Choice was: Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy

Audrey clearly sang this better, then again I never really got to see Jamila on her own. Because as stated before both this and her blind audition was highlighted.

Audrey won the battle, with Jamila being eliminated.

Get Audrey Karrasch’s Version of If I Were A Boy Here

A Battle Between: Josiah Hawley Vs Jeff Lewis

Song Choice was: Roxanne

So glad Josiah made it, especially with Jeff snickering in rehearsal. Well at least from the rehearsal that they showed us. I honestly do think that they show the rehearsal stuff, so the viewers will make an initial opinion.

Josiah won the Battle, with Jeff being eliminated

Get Josiah Hawley’s Version of Roxanne Here

The Battles Week 1 Final Thoughts:

Week 1 of the Battles was freakin’ awesome!!! There were amazing performances, and some of the artists I didn’t care for are already gone. Very glad that the majotity of my favorites are still in the running!!! My team that I chose only suffered one loss, and I’m not that disappointed with it. I am sooo ready for Battles Week 2 next week.

Team TFG1 Battles Week 1

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  1. I think the judges picked right in all but three of the battles. I would have picked the Swon brothers to lose, J’Sun to win and Taylor over Jess by a landslide!

    It was unfortunate Jeff and Josiah faced off as well as Danielle and Caroline. SOOO glad that Taylor and Caroline were stolen and remain in the competition!

    1. You are nuts about J’Sun… while he did expand his vocals Garrett was wayyy better.

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