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Season 4: The Battles

The Battles Week 2…… le-sigh! I was so mad, upset, angry, disappointed in the second week of Battles. So much so that I couldn’t even write this post up until Sunday night. I was seething mad after both nights! So please excuse me in my anger with some of my opinions below. 

The Battles Round 3

The Voice S4 Premiere The Battles R3

Round 3 of the Battle Rounds wound up like this: Teams Shakira and Usher had two battles each, Teams Adam and Blake had one battle each. Unlike in my  Season 3 write ups, I’ve included the steals under each performance.

Team Adam:

The Voice S4 Team Adam Chair

A Battle Between Midas Whale Vs Patrick Dodd

Song Choice was: “Burning Love”

Well we might as well… becomes midas Whale… lamest, dumbest band name ever! As if you couldn’t tell from that statement, I preferred Patrick Dodd over these half assed, wonky comedy looking duo. Patrick even though he has tons of experience in music, was the better singer overall. Sadly his vocals were drowned out by the dumbass duo Midas Fail! I can’t wait to see them get knocked the fuck out next week. BOOOO midas fail!!!!!!

Midas Whale won the Battle, with Patrick Dodd being eliminated.

Get Midas Whale’s Version of Burning Love Here

Team Blake:

The Voice S4 Team Blake Chair

A Battle Between: Savannah Berry Vs Jaqui Sandell

Song Choice was: Little Big Town’s Little White Church

Savannah had an interesting sound, but I preferred Jaqui’s style better. I would have picked Jaqui if I was Blake, but I’m kinda glad that he is sticking to his country roots this year. I love the coaches interaction during the thoughts after the battle.

Savannah Berry won the battle, with Jaqui Sandell being eliminated.

Get Savannah Berry’s Version of Little White Church Here

Team Shakira:

The Voice S4 Team Shakira Chair

A Battle Between: Monique Abbadie Vs Luke Edgemon

Song Choice was: Lady Gaga’s “You and I”

Everyone knows I’m not a Gag me… I mean Gaga fan at all, but I love it when there are covers of songs. Monique did an amazing job. I thought Luke had improved, but I think Blake wasted a steal with him.

Monique Won the battle, with Usher and Blake both going for the steal, ultimately Luke chose to go with Blake’s team.

You can get Monique’s Version of You and I Here

You can get Luke’s Version of You and I Here

A Battle Between: Kris Thomas Vs C. Perkins

Song Choice was: “It Will Rain”

Kris was easily the better singer here. They both sounded good on the harmonies, but I enjoyed Kris’s singing more. The funny thing is that “the most shocking voice moment evar” happened when Usher stole C. Perkins as he was walking off the stage.

Kris Won the battle, with Usher stealing C. Perkins to his team.

You can get Kris’s Version of It Will Rain Here

You can get C. Perkins’ Version of It Will Rain Here

Team Usher:

The Voice S4 Team Usher Chair

A Battle Between: Jessica Childress Vs VEDO

Song Choice was: Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven”

I enjoyed Jessica’s style, and somewhat flirty nature during the song. her vocals I thought were better than VEDO’s. However, I will say that I did see an improvement in VEDO, even though I don’t care for his voice at all.

VEDO won the battle, with Jessica being eliminated.

Get VEDO’s Version of Locked Out Of Heaven Here

A Battle Between: Ryan Innes Vs Orlando Dixon

Song Choice was: “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Ryan Innes had this battle won, the moment he opened his mouth. I love his style of singing, and he is my new favorite male vocalist this year ion The Voice. Orlando improved, but I just wasn’t feeling his style for the song chosen.

Ryan won the battle, with Orlando being stolen to team Adam.

Get Ryan Innes’s Version of Ain’t No Sunshine Here

Get Orlando Dixon’s Version of Ain’t No Sunshine Here

The Battles Round 4

The Voice S4 Premiere The Blind Auditions R4

Round 4 of the Battle Rounds wound up like this: Teams Blake and Usher had one battle each, and Teams Adam and Shakira had two battles each. Again because of time constraints I understand that they have to “highlight” some stuff. However it sucks! I just don’t get why NBC wouldn’t just give The Voice that second hour in the final battles week. The reason why is because Ready for Love was a complete failure. GRRR NBC *shakes Fist!* Here are the battles that were highlighted:

Team Adam:

The Voice S4 Team Adam

A Battle Between Amy Whitcomb Vs Agina Alvarez

Song Choice was: “Heartbreaker”

Arrrrggggghhhhhhh Amy has been victim of the highlights both times now GRRRRRR this is so wrong. From what I did see, she was clearly the better singer. Yay go away Angina.

Amy won the Battle, with Agina being eliminated.

Get Amy Whitcomb’s Version of Heartbreaker Here

A Battle Between Sarah Simmons Vs Ducan Kamakana

Song Choice was: “Wanted You More”

WOW Sarah is even more amazing than I initially thought! Seeing Duncan full blown was great, and he was an amazing battle partner for Sarah.

Sarah won the Battle, with Duncan being eliminated.

Get Sarah Simmons’ Version of Wanted You More Here

Team Blake:

The Voice S4 Team Blake

A Battle Between: Justin Rivers Vs The Morgan Twins

Song Choice was: Rascal Flatts’s “Easy”

A highlighted battle ugh!!!! The Morgan Twins got screwed!!!!! justin Sounded good, but I dunno. I wanted the Morgans to win, because from what little I saw and heard, I felt they were better.

Justin Rivers won the battle, with The Morgan Twins being eliminated.

Get Justin Rivers’s Version of Easy Here

Team Shakira:

The Voice S4 Team Shakira

A Battle Between: Shawna P. Vs Brandon Roush

Song Choice was: Janice Joplin’s Piece Of My Heart

Shawna P might be the one that wins this whole thing at this point. Loved her singing this song. Brandon was damn good too. Sad to see him go, but he was kinda outmatched.

Shawna P. Won the battle, and Brandon Roush was eliminated.

Get Shawna P’s Version of Piece Of My Heart Here

A Battle Between: Cathia Vs Mary Miranda

Song Choice was: Shakira’s Antes de las Seis

First of all… LAME CHOOSING YOUR OWN DAMN SONG SHAKIRA!!!! Second of all sing in fricken English damnit!!! Mary had better vocals, Usher wasted a steal with Cat-tea-ah shit this chick is singing again…??

Mary Miranda won the Battle, with Cathia being stolen by Usher. Can’t wait til Cathia gets knocked the fuck out next week.

Get Mary Miranda’s Version of Antes de las Sels Here

Get Cathia’s Version of Antes de las Sels Here

Team Usher:

The Voice S4 Team Usher

A Battle Between: Michelle Chamuel Vs Chelsea M.

Song Choice was: Titanium

Yet another highlighted battle…. The Voice uses Titanium tooo damn much. But Michelle was clearly the better singer, glad she is moving on.

Michelle won the battle, with Chelsea M being eliminated.

Get Michelle Chamuel’s Version of Titanium Here

The Battles Week 2 Final Thoughts:

Week 2 of the Battles was freakin’ frustrating for me! There were great performances, and so many letdowns all at the same time. Also as you can see below 5 of my 12 singers are gone!!!!! Arrggghhhhhhh So read for knockouts, and for some of the artists I don’t care for to go home!!!

TFG1 Team

The Voice Insider Week 5:

The Voice Facing Off With Milian:

Christina Milian The Voice Social networking guru faces off with each team, check it out. It’s kinda cool.

Facing Off with Team Adam:

Facing Off with Team Blake:

Facing Off with Team Shakira:

Facing Off with Team Usher:

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