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Season 4 is done. Thank god….. I really lost interest in the process of the show this year. However here are my thoughts on the Season 4 Finals 

The Voice S4 Finale Vote

There were 14 total non competition performances. I’m not gonna link them all here, because it would make it one long ass post. The best one in my opinion was the coaches singing a final song for Season 4. I’ll say this here as well, I didn’t much like that they had the contestants doing reprisals of previous songs. I wanted all new songs.

The Coaches – With A Little Help From My Friends

Top 3 Finale Performances:

The Voice S4 Team Blake

Team Blake:

The Swon Brothers

Solo:  I Can’t Tell You Why

Reprise: Danny’s Song

The Swon Brothers on Finale night stepped it up with an Eagles song! I absolutely loved their performance. So impressed that a Duo finally had their day in the spotlight, even if they came in third place.

You can get The Swon Brothers’ version of I Can’t Tell You Why here

Danielle Bradbery

Solo: Born To Fly

Reprise: Maybe It Was Mephis

I don’t know much about Sara Evans’ songs, I liked Danielle’s performance of this, but I was hoping for a different song choice. Something more classic country rather then modern.

You can get Danielle Bradbery’s version of Born To Fly here

The Voice S4 Team Usher

Team Usher:

Michelle Chamuel

Solo: Why

Reprise: I Knew You Were Trouble

Michelle’s version of Why was great. All season I’ve been saying that michelle is hit or miss, and I still stand by that. However she really sang the song well, and stepped it up on finale night. I still think that it should have been holly in the finals though.

You can get Michelle Chamuel’s version of Why here

On Results night it came down to Danielle The Swons and Michelle. OptimusSolo called it, Danielle was the winner, Michelle in second, and the Swon Brothers in third. I love that a duo made it to the Finals. I’m happy that Danielle won, and that it’s a third championship for Team Blake. However I do think if the coaches choices and the voting went down differently we’d have someone else in Michelle’s place.

The Voice S4 Finale Results

Season 4 Finals Performances and Results Final Thoughts: 

Overall Season 4 has been my least favorite season. I’ve watched Seasons 2-4, and S4 is just frustrating! Congrats to Danielle and all, and I’m happy she won, but Michelle should have gone home instead of Holly. Overall Season 4 had some great, but short lived moments for me. So happy that Garrett Gardner came back, and excelled beyond belief! I did enjoy the coaches interactions and all that, but in general I prefer the Originals. I think I’ll only do these blogs with the cycles Christina and CeeLo are on. I couldn’t stand Shakira half the time. As I’ve stated before, I changed the channel every time she spoke. I just couldn’t get past that. I’m so stoked XTina and CeeLo are returning in the fall for Season 5!!!! BRING ON SEASON 5!!!

The Voice Squad!

The Final Say: Danielle Bradbery

The Final Say: The Swon Brothers

The Final Say: Michelle Chamuel

What You Didn’t See Finals Week

The Voice S4 Top 1

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