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Season 4 knockouts nights one and two, were kinda frustrating for me. As has been the majority of Season 4 of The Voice. However I’ll still be running down each knockout performance. 

Check out the Season 3 Knockouts post to find out how the knockouts work.

I love that in this 2 night part of The Voice, that both nights we get 2 hours of The Voice!!! Everyone gets to shine, whether they win or lose. So here we go…..

Knockut Rounds Night 1

The Voice S4 Premiere The Knockouts Night 1

Team Adam:

The Voice S4 Team Adam Chair

A Knockout Between: Amber Carrington Vs Midas Whale

Amber Carrington’s Song Choice was: I’m With You

Midas Whale’s Song Choice was: Higher Ground

Loved Amber’s rendition of the Svril song. Thought that she performed it very well. midas Fail seeya! If they had maybe done the Red Hot Chili Peppers version of the song, it might have been better. However they suck in general in my opinion.

Amber won, Midas Whale lost.

You can get Amber Carrington’s version of I’m With You here

A Knockout Between: Amy Whitcomb Vs Caroline Glaser

Amy Whitcomb’s Song Choice was: House Of The Rising Sun

Caroline Glaser’s Song Choice was: Little Talks

I know OptimusSolo loves Caroline as a singer, but I thought Amy did a knockout job. I really enjoyed her performance more then Caroline’s. It’s is gonna be interesting to see where Caroline goes from here and with what song.

Caroline won, and sadly Amy lost

You can get Caroline Glaser’s version of Little Talks here

A Knockout Between: Judith Hill Vs Orlando Dixon

Judith Hill’s Song Choice was: Always On My Mind

Orlando Dixon’s Song Choice was: All My Life

Judith versus Orlando, well Judith hands down. Orlando tore the K-Ci & Jojo song to shit. I love that song, but Orlando totally screwed the pooch on it. Judith was amazing as always, and again I’m interested to see where her singing goes from here.

Judith won, and Orlando lost the knockout

You can get Judith Hill’s version of Always On My Mind here

A Knockout Between: Warren Stone Vs Sarah Simmons

Warren Stone’s Song Choice was: (I just) Died In Your Arms

Sarah Simmons’s Song Choice was: Wild Horses

UGH Adam! I get that the coaches want to challenge people and all that, but yikes Warren is not an 80s pop singer. I thought that Warren was struggling with the song, and it was slightly out of key. Or at least I heard him not singing it properly. Sarah again was amazing.

Sarah was the winner, and Warren was the loser.

You can get Sarah Simmons’s version of Wild Horses here

Team Shakira:

The Voice S4 Team Shakira Chair

A Knockout Between: Garrett Gardner Vs Tawnya Reynolds

Garrett Gardner’s Song Choice was: Alex Clare’s Too Close

Tawnya Reynolds’s Song Choice was: Hell On Heels

Wow I can’t believe Shakira paired these two! Garrett rocked it like usual, and Tawnya was damn good as well… It’s sad to see her go. I’ve heard many other people singing the Alex Clare song, and by far Garrett has done it the best in my opinion.

Garrett won, and sadly Tawnya lost this knockout.

You can get Garrett Gardner’s version of Too Close here

A Knockout Between: Kris Thomas Vs Mary Miranda

Kris Thomas’s Song Choice was: What A Wonderful World

Mary Miranda’s Song Choice was: Every Breath You Take

Mary picked the wrong song. She can’t sing Sting! Kris was awesome, and it’ll be interesting to see what other songs he’ll be challenged with.

Kris was the winner, Mary was the loser.

You can get Kris Thomas’s version of What A Wonderful World here

A Knockout Between: Karina Iglesias Vs Monique Abbadie

Karina Iglesias‘s Song Choice was: Are You Gonna Go My Way

Monique Abbadie‘s Song Choice was: The Power Of Love

I just wasn’t impressed with Karina this time around. I guess it’s th fact that I don’t think anyone besides Lenny Kravitz can sing Are You Gonna Go my Way very well. It’s sad to see Monique go, as she sung the better song this time around.

Karina won, Monique lost!

You can get Karina Iglesias’s version of Are you Gonna Go My Way here 

A Knockout Between: Sasha Allen Vs Shawna P.

Sasha Allen’s Song Choice was: At Last

Shawna P’s Song Choice was: Maybe I’m Amazed

Sasha was amaing, and Shawna was amazing! Both performances I thought were spot on. It was hard for me to see Shawna go, because she has loads of talent. I do like Sasha as well though, and At Last was the perfect choice for her.

Sasha won, and Shawna P lost this knockout.

You can get Sasha Allen’s version of At Last here

Knockout Rounds Night 2

The Knockouts night 2! Team Blake Vs Team Usher! Let’s Go!!!!

Team Blake:

The Voice S4 Team Blake Chair

A Knockout Between: Savannah Berry Vs Justin Rivers

Savannah Berry’s Song Choice was: As Long As You Love Me

Justin Rivers’s Song Choice was: The Climb

Why Blake WHY!!!???? These two should not have been paired up, and I know OptimusSolo will be sad seeing Savannah go. Justin I felt didn’t sing the song choice that great. Once again it goes to sometimes men shouldn’t sing women songs, and vice versa. Sacannah whyyyyy are you denying your country roots, ugh a Bieber choice yuk!

Justin won, Savannah lost this knockout.

You can get Justin Rivers’s version of The Climb here 

A Knockout Between: Holly Tucker Vs Luke Edgemon

Holly Tucker’s Song Choice was: Live Like You Were Dying

Luke Edgemon’s Song Choice was: Teenage Dream

Holly was amazing! Once again it goes to show ya what songs both guys and girls can sing. On the flip side of that coin, Luyke shouldn’t have sung Teenage Dream, holy crap was that bad!!!!!

Holly won, and Luke lost this knockout.

You can get Holly Tucker’s version of Live Like You Were Dying here

A Knockout Between: Danielle Bradberry Vs Taylor Beckham

Danielle Bradberry’s Song Choice was: Jesus Take the Wheel

Taylor Beckham’s Song Choice was: Russian Roulette

Well well, it looks like OptimusSolo will be raging over this. Danielle is easily the winner in my eyes. Her song choice was great for her vocals. I don’t think Taylor knows what kind of artist she wants to be. She sounded like a cross between Adele and Gaga….. I didn’t care for her performance this time. Danielle based on this performance alone could win the whole show!

Danielle won, Taylor lost this knockout.

You can get Danielle Bardberry’s version of Jesus Take the Wheel here

A Knockout Between: Grace Askew Vs The Swon Brothers

Grace Askew’s Song Choice was: I Can’t Stand The Rain

The Swon Brothers’ Song Choice was: Drift Away

The Swon Brothers were amazing! Grace was great, but there were little things here and there that I noticed, that she didn’t do that well. I agree with whichever coach said that Colton needs to sing more.

The Swons are swinning, and Grace bowed out as the loser of this knockout.

You can get The Swon Brothers’ version of Drift Away here

Team Usher:

The Voice S4 Team Usher Chair

A Knockout Between: Josiah Hawley Vs Jess Kellner

Josiah Hawley’s Song Choice was: Back To Black

Jess Kellner’s Song Choice was: You Give Me Something

I understand that this song had emotional attachment for Jess, but wow was I so not feeling it. Josiah was the better singer, and performer here!

Josiah won, and Jess lost this knockout.

You can get Josiah Hawley’s version of Back To Black here

A Knockout Between: Audrey Karrasch Vs Michelle Chamuel

Audrey Karrasch’s Song Choice was: How to Love

Michelle Chamuel’s Song Choice was: Raise Your Glass

I know Michelle is on my team and everything, but I wasn’t impressed with either song at all.

michelle won, and Audrey lost this knockout.

You can get michelle Chamuel’s version of Raise Your Glass here

A Knockout Between: C. Perkins Vs VEDO

C Perkins’ Song Choice was: She Ain’t You

VEDO’s Song Choice was: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

I gotta give it to VEDO here, his song choice fit him so well. Especially with his mom watching from Heaven. I really enjoyed his singing, and I thought that was something I’d never say or type. C. Perkins just didn’t do anything for me at all.

VEDO won, and C. Perkins lost this knockout.

You can get VEDO’s version of (Everything I Do) I Do It For You here

A Knockout Between: Cathia Vs Ryan Innes

Cathia’s Song Choice was: Mr. Know It All

Ryan Innes’s Song Choice was: I Don’t Wanna Be

I understand Ryan went too high, and couldn’t recover, but I still think he was better then Cat-tea-ah. She sucks in both English and Spanish singing, at least in my opinion.

Cathia won, and Ryan lost this knockout.

You can get Cathia’s version of Mr. Know It All here

Knockouts Week Final Thoughts:

The knockouts weren’t as enraging for me as the battles were. Sure there were performers that I wanting to stay, but I get that it is win or go home. I think that with the teams the coaches have now, that it will be very interesting to see what happens in the live playoffs.

What You Didn’t See Week 6:

The Live Playoffs Are Coming!

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