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Season 4

I have to say after the battles and knockouts here in Season 4, I was very much not liking The Voice. Simply because a lot of the talent I enjoyed was gone. However the Live Playoffs were great, and I still have plenty of artists I like in the competition. 

Here’s where you’ll find the non competition performances:

Team Usher Performed “Black and Gold:

Team Adam Performed Shake It Out:

Usher and Adam Performed Superstition: 

Live Playoffs Night 1

The Voice S4 Premiere The Live Playoffs Night 1

Team Adam:

The Voice S4 Team Adam

Amber Carrington sang  “Stay”

Amber is awesome, and the song choice fit her. It was a slower tone, and I liked that she is able to sing that way at times.

You can get Amber’s version of Stay Here

Sarah Simmons sang “Angel”

That. Was. AMAZING!!!!!! Adam nailed it, everyone was in stunned silence from how great Sarah’s rendition of Angel was!

You can get Sarah’s version of Angel Here

Caroline Glaser sang “The A-Team’

I PITY THE FOOL…..I love it when a plan comes together….. oh wait wrong A-Team. I have never heard of this song before. Caroline sang it well, but not one of my favorites from her.

You can get Caroline’s version of The A-Team Here

Judith Hill sang “Feeling Good”

This is one of the songs The Voice has permission to use that I’m so sick of. Judith did great, but I’m just so sick of hearing so many different people singing this.

You can get Judith’s version of Feeling Good Here

Team Usher:

The Voice S4 Team Usher

Josiah Hawley sang “Starlight’

Dang what happened to the cooool Josiah? I mean his performance had the Josiah coolness, but maybe because I’m unfamiliar with the song, that I just didn’t connect with his performance.

You can get Josiah’s version of Starlight here

Cathia sang “I Have Nothing”

Devyn Deloera did it better. That’s all I have to say about Cat-te-ahh.

You can get Cathia’s version of I Have Nothing here

VEDO sang “Against All Odds”

Again yet another song that every season someone sings it. I get that VEDO connected with the song because of his mom and all. But I’m so sick of hearing multiple renditions of this too.

You can get VEDO’s version of Against All Odds Here

Michelle Chamuel sang “True Colors”

WOW Michelle kicked ass with this tune! Absolutely loved it!!!!!!

You can get Michelle’s version of True Colors here

Now let’s move onto night 2 of the Live Playoffs.

Live Playoffs Night 2

The Voice S4 Premiere The Live Playoffs Night 2

Here are the non competitioon performances from night 2:

Team Blake sang Boondocks

Team Shakira Sang We Are The Champions

Blake and Shakira sang Need You Now

Team Blake:

The Voice S4 Team Blake

Holly Tucker sang “How Do I Live”

JUST. SO. GOOD! Holly killed it on How Do I Live. She sounded more like Trisha Yearwood, rather then the LeAnn Rimes version. It was fantastic!

You can get Holly’s Version of How Do I Live Here

The Swon Brothers sang “Fishin In The Dark”

The Swon Brothers were awesome. Even though I was unfamiliar with the song, they just performed it so well.

You can get The Swon Brothers’s version of Fishin In The Dark here

Justin Rivers sang “Meet in the Middle”

This might be the first time I really heard Justin’s country voice come out. It doesn’t hurt that I love the Diamond Rio song. justin performed it very well, although because it is a duo song, I think that’s where I was kinda lost. Missing a second voice. However this might be my favorite tune from Justin.

You can get Justin’s Version Of Meet In The Middle here

Danielle Bradberry sang “Maybe It Was Memphis”

Danielle embodied Pam Tillis with this song, it was very awesome. Dang can this girl sing!!!!!!

You can get Danielle’s version of Maybe It Was Memphis here

Team Shakira:

The Voice S4 Team Shakira

Garrett Gardner sang “Imagine”

Garrett, oh my damn…. Garrett was channelling tonight! I have heard several covers of Imagine before, and wow does Garrett do an amazing rendition. The boy not only can rock, but he has soul too!!!!!!

You can get Garrett’s version of Imagine here

Kris Thomas sang “When I Was Your Man”

This was a good song choice for Kris, but at the same time wish it would have been something else. I dunno I just wasn’t into the performance.

You can get Kris’s version of When  I Was Your Man here

Karina Iglesias sang “Lets Stay Together”

Ick, Karina was cool in the beginning, but as she has progressed I’m liking her less and less.

You can get Karina’s version of Lets Stay Together Here

Sasha Allen sang “Oh Darling”

THE. Performance that ended the night! Sasha was simply a pop goddess with this song. She was amazing, I loved every moment of it.

You can get Sasha’s version of Oh Darling Here

Before we get to the results, and my thoughts on them, here’s MY Top 12!

Here are the two I voted for on the NBC website, so they could move on, from Team Adam:

Amber Carrington

Sarah Simmons

Here are the three I voted for on the NBC website, so they could move on, from Team Blake:

The Swon Brothers

Holly Tucker

Danielle Bradberry

Here are the two I voted for on the NBC website, so they could move on, from Team Shakira:

Garrett Gardner

Sasha Allen

Here are the two I voted for on the NBC website, so they could move on, from Team Usher:

Josiah Hawley

Michelle Chamuel

Now let’s see if any of my Top 12 made it, because The Results of the Live Playoffs are in!

The Voice S4 Premiere The Live Playoffs Results

Before we get to the results there were several performances during the results show.

You had Teams Shakira and Blake singing Hall Of Fame

You had Teams Adam and Usher singing Don’t You Worry Child

Rod Stewart with Garrett, Josiah, and Karina singing Rod’s new single Finest Woman I’ve Ever Known, and the classic Forever Young

You also had CeeLo Green returing, along with Juliet Simms. They sang Only You

Team Adam:

I should probably put Team Adam at the bottom here. Because Adam nearly held up SVU at the end of the time on The Voice Results. It was hillarious!!!

America’s Vote #1: Amber Carrington

Woohoo Amber, she did amazing. Glad she is moving on.

America’s Vote #2: Judith Hill

Judith wow really? She didn’t perform as well I thought.

Saved By Coach: Sarah Simmons

Sarah Saved! YES She should have had more votes .

Eliminiated Caroline Glaser:

Caroline did well, but it was a bad song choice in my opinion.

Team Blake:

America’s Vote #1: Holly Tucker

holly killed it with her rendition of How Do I Live! She deserves the sucess she is getting!!!!!

America’s Vote #2: Danielle Bradberry

Danielle is the youngest, and has the power in her voice to go very far. I’m not sure if she’ll win it all. However I do enjoy her singing.

Saved By Coach: The Swon Brothers

Super excited that a duo has made it this far! The Swon Brothers are a great act!

Eliminated Justin Rivers:

It’s kinda sad that it has taken this long for me to enjoy Justin.

Team Shakira:

America’s Vote #1: Sasha Allen

Sasha might just win the whole thing! She killed it with her performance, and happy that she is moving on.

America’s Vote #2: Kris Thomas

With Kris for me it really depends on the song choice.  Interested to hear what more he’ll do.

Saved By Coach: Garrett Gardner

Cmon America get with it! Garrett is amazing, so glad Shakira saved him.

Eliminiated Karina Iglesias:

When Karina first hit the stage in the Blinds, I thought it was gonna be interesting seeing where she went. Sadly as the performances moved along, I found myself not caring about her anymore. So yay she’s gone!

Team Usher:

America’s Vote #1: VEDO

Really America? Cmon, he’s a cheap Usher clone!

America’s Vote #2: Michelle Chamuel

So awesome that Michelle is moving on, there’s so much Usher can do with her voice.

Saved By Coach: Josiah Hawley

Yes! So glad Josiah is still in it!!!!

Eliminiated Cathia:

Good! Never have liked her singing at all, and when she was on Team Shakira, her attitude towards Mary Miranda was so unprofessional.

Final Thoughts The Voice Playoffs Week: 

With Season 4’s playoffs I did think both nights of performances were great overall. Even though there may be some singing I didn’t care for. I enjoyed all the non competition songs, and loved seeing CeeLo return! Here’s where it will get interesting as next week we head into The Top 12 performances!!!!

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