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This week was the Top 12 Live Performances, and then the results from that. I do have to say that I’m losing interest in Season 4 of The Voice. Last year I was gung ho with every new show. However this year I find myself watching the show after it airs and online at NBC’s website. I dunno what it is, but as S4 continues on I’m just not into it. Below are the Top 12 Performances and Results with my opinions on each.  

There were several non competition performances, you can find them below as well.

Robin Thicke Feat T.I. and Pharrell – Blurred Lines

Blake along with his team sang Play Something Country

Lady Antebellum – Goodbye Town

Adam along with his team  sang Lovesong 

The Voice S4 Premiere The Live Shows Top 12 Perform

Top 12 Live Performances:

The Voice S4 Team Adam

Team Adam:

Sarah Simmons sang The Story

Even though I’ve never heard the song before, I liked Sarah’s performance of it. I find it very interesting as to the song choices that are given to her. Sometimes in the case of Angel I think  wow that really fits her, and in other cases I think… hmmmm strange song choice.

You can get Sarah Simmons’ version of The Story here

Judith Hill sang You’ve Got A Friend

This song fits judith’s voice like a glove, and it was just such a powerful performance. I absolutely loved it. As  was stated in the latest GCR Special, I’m beggining to think that judith is hit or miss. Of course as always depending on the song choices.

You can get Judith Hill’s version of You’ve Got A Friend here

Amber Carrington sang I’m Gonna Love You Through It

I found that Amber was screaming a little too much. That along with the fact that I’m not familiar with the song prevented me from really enjoying this performance.

You can get Amber Carrington’s version of I’m Gonna Love You Through It here

The Voice S4 Team Blake

Team Blake:

Holly Tucker sang A Broken Wing

WOW Holly keeps knockin’ em right outta the park!!!! Loved the performance, and she’s just amazing!!!!

You can get Holly Tucker’s version of A Broken Wing Here

The Swon Brothers sang Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes

The Swons hit their stride here. Granted I love their rendition of Drift Away, but the point of a duo is they both sing. I found that they accomplished this here.

You can get The Swon Brothers’ version of Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes here

Danielle Bradberry sang Wasted

People better watch out for Danielle she most likely will take this thing all the way. The one thing I’ll say that I don’t much care for is how Carson stresses everytime that SHE IS THE YOUNGEST PERSON IN THE COMPETITION…. we get it she’s only 16. Shut up about that already.

You can get Danielle Bradberry’s version of Wasted here

The Voice S4 Team Shakira

Team Shakira:

Garrett Gardner sang I Want It That Way

Shakira sent Garrett to his execution! While I enjoyed the rock performance of a BSB song, there were soooo many other songs that Shakira could have chosen for him to sing. So that he could show off his diversity and all that.

You can get Garrett Gardner’s version of I Want It That Way here

Kris Thomas sang I’ll Be There

Meh, Kris did a good job, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

You can get Kris Thomas’ version of I’ll Be There here

Sasha Allen sang Alone

So does this song have some sort of emotional connection for Sasha? She sang it wonderfully, except the fact of the entire performance she was either crying or about to burst into tears. You can’t sing well with salty tears sliding down your face can you?

You can get Sasha Allen’s version of Alone Here

The Voice S4 Team Usher

Team Usher:

Josiah Hawley sang The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Again I just wasn’t into the song. Josiah can sing don’t get me wrong, but I just wasn’t feeling it with this performance.

You can get Josiah Hawley’s version of The Man Who Can’t Be Moved here

VEDO sang Rock With You

This actually started the night off… and no, just no… Bye Bye VEDO go back to whereever it is you came from. Because lets face it you are no Usher or michael Jackson.

You can get VEDO’s version of Rock With You here

Michelle Chamuel sang Call Your Girlfriend

Michelle’s songs are just like Judith’s for me… One week she can be amazing and another week she can just be meh. This was a meh week for me.

You can get Michelle Chamuel‘s version of Call Your Girlfriend here

The Voice S4 Premiere The Live Shows Top 12 Results

On Results night there were moments of meh and outrage! I’ll say right now I wasn’t actively voting up until 10am eastern Tuesday morning. I voted for the following artists by phone, on Facebook, and on the NBC Website. Sasha, Garrett, Holly, Amber, Kris, and Danielle.

As the night went on I had a bit of dread in my heart, because Carson would never say Garrett’s name as being saved. Sadly this came true, because at the end of the night Garrett was one of the two eliminated. The other one was VEDO, and I’m fine with that. I just feel all kinds of disconnected wit The Voice Season 4. As stated above there isn’t the excitement for me, as there was in Season 3.

Top 12 Performances and Results Final Thoughts: 

I loved all the Team performances! The competition performances were hit or miss for me. However lets press on shall we, and bring on the Top 10!!!

The Voice S4 Top 10

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