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The Voice S4 Top 5

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Season 4 is nearly done. Thank god….. I’ve really been losing interest this year. However I’m still liking certain things about The Voice Season 4. Here are my thoughts on the Top 5 performances. 

The Voice S4 Top 5 Vote

Usher performed his new song Twisted on night one, and then there were several non competition performances on night two. You can find them below as well.

Usher – Twisted

Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What you Did in the Dark

Nicholas David – Say Goodbye

Tony Lucca – Never Gonna Let You Go

Terry McDermott – Pictures

Top 5 Finalists – Every Rose has it’s Thorn

Top 5 Live Performances:

The Voice S4 Team Adam

Team Adam:

Amber Carrington

Coach’s Choice:  Sad

Contestant’s Choice: Firework

I don’t mind when say Blake has one of his singers sing another coach’s song, but when that coach has their team member sing their own damn song it just irks the hell outta me. Amber’s version of Firework was great, but just didn’t care for Sad at all.

You can get Amber Carrington’s version of Sad here

You can get Amber Carrington’s version of Firework here

The Voice S4 Team Blake

Team Blake:

The Swon Brothers

Coach’s Choice:  Danny’s Song

Contestant’s Choice: Turn The Page

A Duo might win The Voice!!!! loved The Swon Brothers this week, they brought the ciuntry twang and it was awesome!!!!

You can get The Swon Brothers’ version of Danny’s Song here

You can get The Swon Brothers’ version of Turn The Page here

Danielle Bradbery

Coach’s Choice:  Please Remember Me

Contestant’s Choice: Who I Am

I have no idea on these songs. Danielle sang very well, but I have no connection to the songs. When I can’t get into a song, I just don’t care for the performance.

You can get Danielle Bradbery’s version of Please Remember Me here

You can get Danielle Bradbery’s version of Who I Am here

The Voice S4 Team Shakira

Team Shakira:

Sasha Allen

Coach’s Choice:  Bad Girls

Contestant’s Choice: I Will Always Love You

I loved Sasha doing a Whitney song, but the other one not so much! Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for her to remain on the show.

You can get Sasha Allen’s version of Bad Girls Here

You can get Sasha Allen’s version of I Will Always Love You Here

The Voice S4 Team Usher

Team Usher:

Michelle Chamuel

Coach’s Choice: Clarity 

Contestant’s Choice: Time After Time

Michelle excelled at Time After Time. That was pretty awesome, but the other song meh! .

You can get Michelle Chamuel’s version of Clarity here

You can get Michelle Chamuel’s version of Time After Time here

On Results night there were some awesome non competition performances. We had Tony Lucca, Terry McDermott, Nicholas David all returning! It was awesome to see Tony and Terry… I never was a fan of Nicholas David. Tonight I still felt that Michelle should have been eliminated. Saddly the two eliminated were Amber and Sasha. So Adam and Shakira are knocked out. It might be a Team Usher win this year. However I’m pulling for Team Blake!

The Voice S4 Top 5 Results

Top 5 Performances and Results Final Thoughts: 

This might be the one show so far since the Top 12 that I absolutely loved watching the show. I still think Michelle is hit or miss. Bring on the FINALS!!!

The Voice S4 Finale

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