The Voice Season 4: The Teams!

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The Voice S4 Teams

Season 4: The Teams!

With The Blind Auditions done, the teams are set! There are 48 total contestants in Season 4 of The Voice. That means each team has 12 members! I’m not sure I really like that, because last year there were 16 members per team. Here I’ll break down the teams, and give my thoughts on them overall. I’ll also select my own team of twelve at the bottom of the post. 

Team Adam:

Team Adam Assemble

Adam Levine lead singer of Maroon 5 has chosen a great team of artists to work with. I find that Adam has chosen a team this season of rockers, country artists, and a few soulful voices. I’m excited to see what his team members do.  Check out Team Adam as they size each other up.

Team Adam breaks down very nicely. Right now my favorites are Patrick Dodd, Sarah Simmons, Michael Austin, Amber Carrington, and Warren Stone.

Team Blake:

Team Blake Assemble

Blake Shelton, the country guy. Blake has put together a very country team once again, but he mixes in a few different singers this year. I’m hoping that Blake does not whittle his country artists down so fast this year. There were a few in Season 3, that I thought could have won the whole thing. Check out Team Blake as they size each other up.

The Blakedown of Team Blake is like this….. HOT Chicks! Seriously though, between Seasons 2, 3, and 4 I’ve liked Blake’s Team members the best. Right now the ones I’m pulling for are, The Morgan Twins, The Swon Brothers, Jaqui Sandell, and Grace Askew. I’m not sure what Team Blake will do this year, but I bet it will be awesome.

Team Shakira:

Team Shakira Assemble

Shakira is the new female coach this year. While I love her singing voice, as I’ve said before I can’t stand to hear her talk. However she has many team members that I’m pulling for! Shakira has put together the most diverse team out of the four coaches I think in Season 4. Check out Team Shakira as they size each other up.

For me Team Shakira breaks down like this… I am absolutely happy that she got Garrett Gardner! So glad he came back. Others I’m pulling for are Shawna P., Tawnya Reynolds, Brandon Roush, Monique Abbadie, and Mark Andrew.

Team Usher:

Team Usher Assemble

Usher is the new soul on the Voice this year. He has assembled a team of diverse, and awesomely talented artists. So exited to see what happens with this team. Check out Team Usher sizing each other up.

Artists I’m routing for from Usher’s team are Michelle Chamuel, Jess Kellner, Audrey Karrasch, Josiah Hawley, Ryan Innes, and Taylor Beckham.

TFG1Mike’s Team of 12:

1: The Morgan Twins – They have such a unique approach to the competition, and their voices nearly sound as one.

2: Michael Austin – When I first moved to KY, all I heard was country music, so I have a huge appreciation for it. michael has that very awesome country twang to him.

3: Patrick Dodd is THE “Terry McDermott” of Season 4! It’ll be very interesting to see what Adam gives him to work with.

4: Sarah Simmons – Love the way she sounds, and I think that she will go very far in Season 4!

5: Garrett Gardner – As stated before I loved his singing style when I saw him in Season 3. Now that he is here in season 4, I think he’ll go very far!

6: The Swon Brothers – Out of the two male duos this year, I like the Swon’s style more, and I think they’ll go further then Midas Whale.

7: Jaqui Sandell – Loved her performance, and it will be very interesting to see what Blake will have her perform.

8: Brandon Roush -He might just give Patrick a run for his money with classic tunes.

9: Shawna P. – She has that classic southern rock vibe to me.

10: Tawnya Reynolds – So excited to see what else she will be singing!!

11: Michelle Chamuel – It’ll be very interesting which way Usher has her go. Whether it be the power ballads, or try tapping into a softer part of her voice.

12: Amy Whitcomb -Amy just might be the Devyn DeLoera of Season 4! Her voice is very powerful, and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

There ya have it those are the artists I would chose for my team.

Final Thoughs on The Teams!

Each team in Season 4 has artists I love, like, and some I just don’t care for yet. However I’m pumped to be watching The Voice again, and I can’t wait til the Battles!!! BRING IT ON ALREADY!!!!!!!


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