4 Ways Reality TV Is Changing How Businesses Function

Reality television has gotten quite the bad rap over the years, and with shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘American Idol’ becoming the big hits of the genre, it’s easy to see why. Fortunately, these mind-numbing pop culture circuses that pass for reality TV are only a small portion of the vast array of programming within the reality genre. Underneath the layer of filth that always seems to rise to the top, there are hordes of good reality TV shows that are improving our lives and our businesses.

Making Sure a Business Doesn’t Tank

The hit television show ‘Shark Tank’ grabbed millions of viewers each week and had since spawned a trove of knock-offs and wannabes. These shows give average entrepreneurs and inventors and chance to seek funding from highly-successful business people. The insights offered through the often-times entertaining pitch and responses has shed light on some important business aspects that start-ups and entrepreneurs may not always be aware of.

Your Next Dream Career Is One Channel Away

If you’re not already in business for yourself, reality TV is a great way to find your next dream job. Sure, you may not be able to start the next Kardashian enterprise, but hit shows like ‘House Flippers’ and much of the HGTV lineup have introduced the world to careers that many didn’t even know existed or didn’t think were accessible to them. It is said that a large number of tomorrow’s jobs are not even known about today. Reality TV may be doing its part is spreading and evolving the business landscape for the average American.

Screaming Advice Is Sometimes Necessary

Okay, let’s be clear here. This section is not about screaming at your employees to get desired results, though there are plenty of employees that seem to only listen to screaming. We love shows like ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ because the loud Gordon Ramsey is a hoot to watch getting all worked up. Many viewers aren’t paying attention to the advice he doles out on some of these poor restaurant owners. The frustration of Chef Ramsey often comes from common sense that all entrepreneurs should be equipped with.

This Is Never the End

In the reality TV genre, there has come a horrible habit to create spin-off after spin-off in the hopes of finding the next big hit. While television viewers can easily get annoyed with the number of ‘Bachelor’ type shows on the air, one thing can be gleaned from them. It’s never time to give up. When one door closes, another opens and that may be the one that leads to that successful road you’ve always wanted.

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