Real Life Careers These 6 Harry Potter Characters Would Have in 2017

We’re all familiar with the magical world created by author J. K. Rowling. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and the rest of the crew were destined for amazing, wizardly careers. They worked for the Ministry of Magic and fought dark wizards as aurors. But what would happen if these teens grew up and had to find jobs in the muggle world instead?

Where would this diverse cast of characters end up without evil wizards to chase down, Quidditch to play, or animated chocolates to sell?

Based on their strengths and abilities, certain muggle careers seem well suited for Harry Potter and his friends if they lived in the real world in 2017. Read on to explore the unique possibilities that exist for these fictional characters in a non-fictional future.


Harry Potter

This famous young wizard is always strong, resourceful, and quite able to take down the bad guys. Harry Potter would make his way in the muggle world as an international super spy. Perhaps a bit like James Bond, though not so keen on the ladies (after all, he is married to Ginny). Harry protects the world from whatever evil rears its ugly head by investigating intelligently and then wades into trouble when the going gets rough.

Although his career in the muggle world is fraught with (non-magical) danger, Harry never finds himself in over his head, gets hurt, or fails to reach his goal. He loves the adventure and revels in his ability to save the day and the world. Best of all, he isn’t in the spotlight. He’s able to work behind the scenes saving people while avoiding publicity. A perfect choice.


Ron Weasley

Ron has just as much bravery as his best friend, but he’s missing the sharp mind and worldly attitude. Ron becomes a firefighter in the suburban town he lives in with Hermione and their children. He wants to make a difference and likes an active job, so he takes every fire call with a serious attitude not usually seen in his younger years.

When Ron’t not on duty, he volunteers in the local school district, coaching kids’ football (American soccer), giving special tips to the goalies. He also teaches a chess class. When his players and/or students excel, he sneaks them crazy candy creations.


Hermione Granger

While Ron heads off in turn-out gear to save a house or family, Hermione grabs a briefcase and heads into the city for her high-powered government job. There, she tackles legal matters for an international clientele. Most of her cases have to do with the rights and protections of the less fortunate or under-represented groups. She runs a successful website geared to combat the mistreatment of contract and service workers at huge corporations. Her razor-sharp mind and good heart turn the worst circumstances around.


Ginny Weasley

International travel is commonplace in Harry and Ginny’s household, and they spend quite a bit of time apart. She’s a foreign correspondent for a top news channel, covering everything from international sporting events like the World Cup to more dangerous assignments like political conflicts or environmental disasters. Her high intelligence and steady demeanor allow her to get to the bottom of any story while maintaining professional standards even when outside forces try to influence her. No matter how long she and Harry are apart, she does her job well and waits patiently for their happy reunion.


Neville Longbottom

Dr. Neville Longbottom received a PhD in Botany from a prestigious university. He intended to research hybridization of crop and medicinal plants. But then he went on a research trip to the Amazon rainforest, and saw first-hand the devastation wrought by logging and the destruction of the natural habitats there. When even fellow scientists damaged the sensitive ecosystems with their collecting methods, Neville stood up to his peers and launched an environmental studies program instead. He is now an outspoken proponent of botanical protection, especially when it comes to uncharted species that may prove beneficial for health purposes.


Luna Lovegood

After she married the grandson of the man who wrote a famous book about cryptozoology, Luna revisited her love of the esoteric and eccentric. She started an off-the-wall blog she called Lovegood’s Library. She does her own SEO, focusing on keywords like ‘unseen sights’ and ‘mysterious miscomprehension’ to draw in like-minded folk. In a nutshell, her blog covers things like which crystal to use to cure athlete’s foot, the latest Bigfoot sightings, and historical information about real-life fairies and other “wee folk” of the British Isles.


While we would bemoan the idea that the magical Harry Potter and those wizards and witches closest to him could get stuck in the muggle world, it’s good to know that they would have exciting careers waiting for them. From international super-spy to a self-employed new age blogger, these six friends would find a way to use their skills and interests in the real world in 2017.

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