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The Rebirth of The GCRN

GCRN-2T-SMThe evolution of the site has been a long, ongoing and sometimes painful thing to watch. That being said, The GeekCast Radio Network is about to embark in a new direction. One where we’ll no longer just be podcast heavy but content heavy. We have never been about click bait nor will we start that now. What we will be providing is more press releases, news, articles, reviews and previews. Basically something in the current events of geekdom that will be of interest to old and new viewers.


Since 2008 and the network’s inception in 2009, we’ve grown in great lengths from just our podcasting days of nostalgic proportions. While our history and our nostalgia will continue to fuel the network as it always has, we want to provide something current and fresh for everyone. This is my drive as we are going to be launching a new website on Friday, July 1st.

So for the next few days we’ll be previewing pieces. The first being the brand new logo which will be our look for the foreseeable future. The branding of the old will still be present in some capacity but this is the new look and feel. Sleek and stylish with a rebirth around it. Some podcasts have received new art as well towards this. The new site will contain some changes in the formatting of the main page and the areas but it will feel more in tuned for the vision ahead. The new site is mobile friendly and the menu is cleaner.

The website will also be changing URL’s. What this means to you is very little. The current link will still work with the new site but the branding will all change. I’ll be handling the semantics of it but everything will work as it has in the past. This change allows us to again keep what we’ve been doing but create more free of the strictly ‘radio’ moniker.

We will continue to run and feature more of our awesome content such as the GCRN WarZ Tournaments, WarZ, Top 100 Countdowns, Top 50 Countdowns, Top Lists, and a plethora of other content in these areas that we’ve been known for over the years. The menu system will have a facelift as well to better show the content.

Our featured banner will no longer just have a cycling of our current podcasts as have been the setup on the current site. We will be featuring more prominently the Written side unless it’s something current in the events of geekdom. This will allow us to put the most recent and interesting news / articles / reviews that are in tune with the newest releases in geekdom. Each podcast area will be covered under buttons in the Core or Review podcast areas.

I will be featuring a video of the entire run down of the site once we launch for those who want clearer instructions on navigation uses. I feel this new site will allow us the most in growing to new lengths and bringing you quality content. I’ve been plugging away at this site for months now to clean up some of the messes with the current site in coding and content. Some areas are still being tweaked such as the About Us, but we’ll be doing those as we progress.

Also of note, we have a great deal of archived podcasts that have been missing from our server for sometime and they are available elsewhere but the older retired shows WILL be returning to the server backend in the near future as well but won’t be online by Friday.

I do want to point out we would NEVER have gotten to this point nor did I see it ever lasting this long without our dedicated fans, friends and staff. We’ve had a great deal of people come and go with some here since the beginning or shortly thereafter. Without all of these great people (geeks) we wouldn’t be as great as we are now. I’d like to thank everyone who’s ever worked with us, partnered with us and became fans and friends of us. This site and the around 2000 podcasts that have been recorded would not have been possible without the time and effort of all involved.

So I hope you’ll come into this new adventure with The GCRN whether you be an old friend or a new one of the network.

If you have any questions for me feel free to comment below or contact me on Twitter @SCP21

As for now I’ll give you a preview while we wait. – Steve “Megatron”


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