ToyCast – Special Episode – NY ToyFair 2012 Recap

2012 Has begun, and February 12th to the 15th was the New York Toy Fair. This kicks off the 2012 convention season. Join TFG1Mike and Spada the Baltmatrix as they recap the news from ToyFair!!!!  TF2012-Mattel-Master-of-the-Universe-Showroom Mattel – Voltron Displays TF2012-Mattel-DC-Comics-Showroom TF2012-Playmates-Showroom TF2012-Hasbro-GI-Joe-Showroom TF2012-Hasbro-Star-Wars-Showroom TF2012-Hasbro-KRE-O TF2012-Hasbro-Transformers-Showroom TF FOC: SHOCKWAVE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE PROPS TO ACTION …

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