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Episode Guide:

Episode 1: Spydrax Attacks
Air Date: September 14th, 1985
Writer(s): Janis Diamond & Dan DiStefano


The episode begins by setting the stage for the entire mini-series that both our good guys (the Knights of the Shining Realm) and our bad guys (the Terror Troops of the Dark Domain) are starting out on a quest to find and control the Hyve of the Ancients. The Hyves of Symbion hold the power to rule the planet.

We join the action with Spidrax (leader of the Terror Troops) and his men laying waste to a village and burning everything they see.  We cut to Mantor warning Dargon not to go out alone but his warning is ignored. This brings on our first


During the first battle Skito obtains the map to the Hyve from Mantor while fighting in his lab. We also learn that the Terror Troops can see in the dark but that the Knights cannot, which prevents them for pursuing the Troops after they have stolen the map.

After the battle we see one of the villagers (Sekor) trying to join the Knights but being rebuffed due to his age and the element of danger involved with their mission. Sekor decides to go off on his own and pursue the Terror Troops anyways.


Sekor is then captured and held prisoner by the villains. The knights arrive at Spidrax’s palace in order to get the map from them.


During this battle they both regain the map and lose it again and are eventually forced to flee (being saved by Spiderflyer – One of the companion insects) without the map or Sekor. After this encounter they regroup in Stellara’s tavern where we actually see Stellara bringing them drinks (and wearing pretty short shorts for a children’s cartoon). Mantor reveals that he has the map memorized and that they must follow Spidrax by crossing

THE LAKE OF BLOOD!!!! (which no one has ever returned from of course)

Spidrax knowing that their journey through the Lake of Blood will take them by the Web Widow instructs his troops to put beeswax in their ears to avoid the siren’s song. The Knights, are not as knolwedgeable, apparently and fall prone to the Web Widow who captures them all in her sticky spiderwebs.


Dargon, luckily had jumped ship earlier in order to avoid the spell they were being put under and is able to resurface, cover himself with mud and not stick to the webs. This allows him to surprise the Web Widow stunning her with a shot from his weapon and rescue the Knights.

Reunited they go through a forest (strangely it doesn’t get a silly name like we will see with most locations throughout the series) which is the only way to the hive. There is no shortcut! They find Sekor’s insect who is ‘telebonded’ to Sekor. Mantor does some jedi mind trick to sense where Sekor is. Then they enlist the help of a tunnel worm to help them surprise Spidrax. They come out of the tunnel to surprise the bad guys and….


During the battle Sekor saves Dargon from Spidrax. The terror troops retreat even though Spidrax tells them to stay and fight. So, the groups are separated again. They tell Sekor he needs to go back home for now which he immediately does without hesitation. Then they see the bad guys on a cliff above just as they open fire on them again for another…



Grade: 1.5/5

Episode 2: Slave City
Air Date: September 21st, 1985
Writer(s): Dan Distefano & Janis Diamond


“When we last left the Sectaurs….being ambushed by Spidrax and his troopers”


The Knights take cover and wait for the Terror Troops to come by so they can attack again. Dargon and Spidrax attack each other. The insects are fighting each other as well. The bad guys retreat once again. The good guys pursue but Pinsor almost falls to his death before Dargon saves him. This allows the bad guys to gain separation. A giant wasp attacks the Sectaurs and blows them into his nest.


Spidrax stands on the cliff above the nest laughing and again states that he will get to the Hyve now and rule all of Symbion and that no one can stop him. Little eggs inside the nest start to hatch. Pinsor tries to cut his way open which unleashes an ungodly amount of liquid that takes them away. Dargon gets out with his insect but the rest take the current all the way to the


They have to jump onto a log which starts to dissolve. They are looking for an island but find a creature instead that swallows them whole. It was a ship and they are taken prisoner by the inhabitants of the ship.


It is a living ship and it is being run by Captain Borja who is the best slaver traveling the sea of acid rain. The Knights break loose and make a run for it but fall through a trap door and come up against a tentacle monster but luckily, battle beetle backs the monster down. Then tentacles come out of all the walls and ensnare them each.


Dargon is flying around on his insect and sees Slave City and exclaims that Spidrax will for sure stop there on his way to the Hyve.  There we see the slavers trying to sell Spidrax slaves. Spidrax isn’t impressed with the slaves but sees the new shipment arrive which includes the Knights. They try to break loose again but our shot by venom and


We next visit another bar like setting where the slave trader and the captain are exchanging money. Dargon confronts them about the location of his men. Dargon disguises himself as a guard to infiltrate Spidrax camp. He confronts Spidrax and they fight again. He beats Spidrax after getting hit in the face by a mug. He goes to free the other Sectaurs and then uses his telebond to get the dragon flyer to come to him. The bad guys see them and try to attack


The Knights get the better of them and the Terror Troops retreat.  The Knights are camped out for a second but decide that they need to continue since Spidrax still has the map. Spidrax sees them on the path through his binoculars.


Grade: 1.5/5

Episode 3: Valley of the Stones
Air Date: September 28th, 1985
Writer(s): Janis Diamond & Dan DiStefano


Spidrax sees that the Sectaurs are going to stop for food, water and rest. He plans a surprise for them. The Sectaurs are sitting down to eat when Ranco (the magistrate of the Valley of stone) is accused of being a crook in his past by Pinsor and in comes Spidrax. This leads to…


The good guys insects have been trapped behind a locked door so they can’t help them in the battle. Ranco also has put a potion on the hay that made the insects unable to telebond. Skulk catches Pinsor and takes him captive


The good guys let the insects out not knowing they can’t telebond with them. Mantor shoots a gas pellet into battle beetle to save Dargon from being attacked by him. In order to cover up his part in the whole thing, Ranco lets them know that telebonding won’t work in


Ranco then offers to lead them to Spidrax. Ranco says there is only one way out of this valley, through its heart…

Spidrax camps in


He tells Pinsor that Ranco is leading Dargon to his doom… (always good to reveal the covert agent you have working for you to a member of the opposition)

Ranco fakes an ankle injury to try to convince them to go on without him. They carry on without him and their insects sense trouble along the path. They roll away a boulder revealing a two headed dragon behind it which they call a Serpentoid.  The serpentoid heads for the village and the sectaurs have to try to stop it.


It begins burning the village. Dargon drops big sheets over the Serpentoids two heads blinding him and then they grab his feet with rope (like an AT-AT) to bring him down. They then pin him down to the ground with all the rope. They expose Ranco to the villagers as well. The villagers offer to help the Knights with the swamp trackers which can help them cross the

SWAMP OF QUICKSAND!!!!! (which will get them to get to the forrest of mists)

One of the Knights says they can trust the telebonding now that they are out fo the valley of the stone. (which is a confusing plot point) We revisit Spidrax as he has Pinsor tied down and is planning to let some beast do away with him. Dargon and crew come out of the forrest to attack them though.


Eventually Spidrax has to retreat after Dargon regains the Map to the Ancient Hyve.  Mantor is certain Spidrax has now had time to memorize it though… Skulk shoots the map with a burning arrow and viper vines attack the Sectaurs.


Grade: 2/5

Episode 4: Trapped in the Acid Desert
Air Date: October 5th, 1985
Writer(s): Ted Field


The sectaurs defeat the viper vines but discover that Zak has been poisoned by them. They know that in order to get Zak help, Dargon must pass through the


to get to


Spidrax puts his trip to the Ancient Hyve on hold in order to try to cut them off. They start an avalanche to try to finish off Dargon and crew. Instead of fighting them though, they run off for the Acid Desert (which apparently you can’t fly in according to Spidrax).  The only ones that could find them according to Spidrax are the bandits of the acid desert.

The ruins of Cornap is where the Knights find themselves. They want to camp at the ruins and leave at daybreak. They talk about the former fortress Cornap. It was attacked by a swarm of laser bugs. Only the young commander survived who was tortured and left for dead by the chieftain (Lord Krolla). That young commander was Pinsor. Lord Krolla and the laser bugs plan to attack them in the morning but they are attacked by Lord Spidrax. They form an alliance with Spidrax during the attack.

The laser bugs attack the Knights and destroy all of their water. They mention that there is no one to keep Spidrax from the Hyve in their current predicament but then the laser bugs and Spidrax arrive and attack.


Mantor falls down some sort of chasm, later in the battle Pinsor and one of the insects fall down as well. One by one each sectaur and insect falls down the chasm. There is an underground lake home of the Giant Tyrana Beetle. Krolla lets Spidrax know that the Knights are as good as dead Spidrax tells Krolla that his work isn’t done until he leads them to where the acid desert joins the


The beetle attacks the Knights who have gotten their water now. They use quicksand to beat the beetle. Spidrax sees that the knights have survived. Krolla says he knows the perfect place on Mount Sectaur to ambush him.  They get attacked on their way up the mountain by the laser bug. We get the commentary that Zak won’t survive another day.


The laser bugs eventually retreat after Krolla is defeated by the Knights. Spidrax takes over and battles Dargon. Dargon gets him to flee as well. The insect dragon flyer took Zak to the top of the mountain during all of that. A medicine beetle lady (looks like a female sectaur) saves Zak. She tells him to get to the Shadow Master at the Citadel of Shadows by descending the dangerous cliffs of the northern face. An earthquake sends them all falling off the cliff.


Grade: 1.5/5

Episode 5: Battle of the Hyve
Air Date: October 12th, 1985
Writer(s): Janis Diamond & Matt Uitz


“When suddenly an earthquake struck” (this writing is absolutely terrible)

Three days stuck on the mountain, the knights are starving and freezing. Dargon brings them food and rallies the troops after finding the location of the Citadel. Some weird creatures start attacking them trying to get their food. “What else could go wrong” Zak says (just give the writers a second to add the next obstacle)

Spidrax enters the Citadel and confronts the Shadow Master. Spidrax tells him his shadows are no match for him and he will do as he says now! (Not sure how he stopped the Shadow Master’s shadows exactly)  The Terror Troops are turned into shadows and attack the Knights.


They struggle to find out how to fight the shadows. They get backed up until they fall into some sort of pit. The Shadow Master is thrown down there as well. He lets them know that he helped Spidrax so that he could ultimately help them get to the Hyve faster. He lets them know that they must go through the

FORBIDDEN ZONE!!!!!! (which Mantor tells them quickly that no one has ever returned from)

A wall opens and they are on their way. It is “10,000 times more dangerous than your worst nightmare.” Mantor lets them know that on the far side is a wall of thorns and on the other side of that is the Hyve of the Ancients. First, they encounter tree creatures called Arborlites, who capture everyone but Dargon and take them to a cave.


Dargon comes in on Dragon Flyer with fire and scares the Arborlites off (who run away in a hilarious fashion.) Next, they get to the wall of thorns. They surprisingly, get through that without much problem though. They see the Hyve and the front gate. However, the bad guys see them coming. Spidrax gets the gate open and tells Dargon he is too late. The knights fly into battle with battle cries.


Dargon makes it inside to battle Spidrax and Skulk. Skulk runs into an electronic panel which sends shockwaves through the whole place. The hive is coming apart. Skulk runs away. Spidrax tells Dargon the Hyve is his. All of the Terror Troops retreat. The Hyve collapses into the earth. The Knights watch on in fear for Dargon. They exclaim that the Hyve is gone. Mantor tells them the Hyve can never be destroyed.

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!! (wait what?!)

Grade: 1.5/5

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