5 Hair Hacks to Complete Your Cosplay

As any seasoned cosplayer will tell you, an integral element of any great cosplay outfit is a quality hairstyle. Most characters out there simply won’t look right if not presented with the right hair color or style, so staying on top of your hair game is important. Let’s go over some simple hair hacks that will help you take your cosplay to the next level.

Use Products to Perfect Your Hair

If you decide that your hair is close enough to that of the character you’re cosplaying that you don’t need a wig, go for it. Even if your hair is the right color, you can probably get it to the right style. Conditioners, styling gels, and anti-frizz serums can make all the difference. If you have curly hair that you need to straighten, hair relaxers can help you achieve that smoothness you need without destroying your hair with heat. Making sure your hair is in top shape will make it much easier to achieve that smooth, perfect “character IRL” look.

Color Your Wig

Whether you’re using a wig or sticking with restyling your hair, color is key in helping you nail the look of your favorite character. If you have a wig that is the perfect style but the wrong color, then opting for a colored spray will save you time, trouble, and money. It’s easier than dying your hair or getting a new wig, but can help bring in some of the elements that will make your look pop—just be sure when spraying wigs to use products designed for synthetic wigs and not for human hair, so you don’t damage your prop.

Use Hidden Hairpins

Plenty of characters have signature hairstyles that feature large, bold locks that can be difficult to achieve. Using small clips or bobby pins close to the scalp and in the underlayer can help firmly establish locks or sections of hair that will help you achieve the perfect look. Using styling products alone on the top layer of hair will keep the pins hidden, and you can use the same products to style the length and tips of the locks that you shaped in the underlayer.

Get Rid of the Shine

A common problem that many cosplayers encounter when choosing to use a wig as part of their outfit is the shine. Synthetic wigs can be far too shiny to pass for real hair and can throw off the look of certain outfits by making them look fake or cheap. While a lot of anime cosplays require shiny hair, your wig may look more fake-shiny than anime-shiny. To combat this, try using some body powder or dry shampoo on the top layer of the wig to cut down on glare and make the hair look more natural.

Use Accessories

Sometimes all a good wig needs to become the perfect finishing touch to your cosplay is the right accessories! Rather than buying a new wig, you can use hair ties, clips, hats, and other accessories to transform a plain wig into one that is tailored to your specific character’s appearance. Plenty of wigs come pre-styled, but you can create pigtails, braids, and updos all on your own when you use the right tools.

It can be tricky to get your hair looking just right for your cosplay. But fortunately, there are ways around the difficulties. With these convenient and easy hacks, you’ll be well on the way to making your cosplay stand out in its perfect execution!

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