Baltimore Comic-Con 2018

On this Week’s Talking in Circles we discuss one of our favorite events of the Year: Baltimore Comic-Con 2018. Another year and another successful Con!


This was our fifth year covering the event and each year this Con reminds us all that comics do matter. With some of the biggest names in comics all in one place for the entire weekend.


During the Terry Moore Year Book panel

One of the this year’s highlighted guests was indie legend Terry Moore. Baltimore Comic-Con puts on a yearbook each year where one person’s work is the highlight. It includes artists interpretations of their work and this panel discussed that process.


This was some on-point Old Man Logan cosplay. Simple but effective

One of the hardest things to do at Baltimore Comic-Con is picking which panel to go to. One of my favorites was Frank Miller’s, which I was not able to take pictures for. Although, the most entertaining panel by far was Jim Steranko who is a natural showman and storyteller. Bottom line is if you are at a Con and he has a panel you must attend.

The man, the myth, the legend Jim Steranko

Of course there was a lot of awesome Cos-Play. Here are some of our personal favorites. Looking at some of the other photos online there were plenty more we didn’t catch.

Some solid Deadpool and Domino Cosplay.







Greg, Chuck, and I all came out with some great stuff this year. Greg once again added to his original art collection. I picked up some of first ever Jack Kirby Avenger issues.


Dan and Greg showing the goods


There were tons of vendors all with amazing deals. One of the bests booths was actually from Collector’s Corner-a local comic books store to Baltimore. Found some fantastic deals on some Variant covers.






You can check out more of what I picked up in my Comic Haul video. My goal going in was to get a number of my favorite books signed as well as find crazy deals. I was able to accomplish both.

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