Dragon Ball Super Broadcast Date Officially Confirmed

CGpK_4eWQAA6P0PThe official broadcast date for Dragon Ball Super in Japan has now been officially confirmed.

The upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has confirmed that Dragon Ball Super will starting airing in Japan on July 5th, 2015. This was the date speculated by many, but now it’s great to see that it has been officially confirmed.

Dragon Ball Super will be on Fuji TV every Sunday at 9:00am. It replaces Dragon Ball Z Kai which is currently airing in Japan. It’s at the Majin Buu saga, so the series is close to ending.

Dragon Ball Super will be shown weekly and Akira Toriyama is 100 percent involved. Toriyama was not a part of Dragon Ball GT and some people consider it not “canon”. It looks like Toriyama is keeping this theme as the recent Dragon Ball Z animated movies were set years before GT.

The new Dragon Ball Super series takes place after Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. The official Twitter page teased a mysterious new character enters the scene. This could be an indication we will see an all-new villain in the new series.

There is still no news of a localized version Western of Dragon Ball Super yet. Hopefully it releases around the world sometime next year.

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